Airline Turuhan
Airline Turuhan

Airline Turuhan. Official site.


Airline "Turuhan" appeared in Russia in the year 2001, and to date, the airline offers its passengers high-quality services for the implementation of regular flights between the number of Russian cities and towns.


Severe financial and economic situation in the region affected the priorities of the company "Turuhan" increasing the share of charter flights for helicopters and airplanes to the level 85%, the rest falls on a regular transport.

Collaboration with tourist groups

Turukhansky area attracts large number of tourists for its fishing and hunting grounds. Also recently gaining popularity extreme tourism. Helicopter companies carry zabrosku and transport groups of tourists to remote areas of the region. Rescue Group companies carry out work on immediate assistance to tourists, landed in trouble.

In addition to passenger traffic, airline "Turuhan" also offers services in the following areas:

  • Transportation of goods;
  • Search and rescue operations;
  • Emergency and rescue work;
  • Monitoring the gas and oil pipelines;
  • Lesoaviatsionnye work;
  • Construction and installation work.

Park airlines' Turuhan "consists mainly of helicopters, in particular, this includes such aircraft as the Mi-8T, 8MTV Mi-Mi-Mi and 8AMT-171. Among other things, the air carrier and the park are also the aircraft AN-24, 26-An, Tu-134 and Yak42 providing passenger transportation and cargo transportation between different cities of the Russian Federation. The average age of the fleet "Turuhan" airline exceeds 35 years, which is one of the worst among all Russian airlines.



The development of regional passenger transportation began relatively recently by the Turukhan airline, however, only in the first half of 2015, the airline managed to create three new route directions, which demonstrates the steady pace of development of the air carrier of its activities.


Basic data:


  • Country Airlines - Russia;
  • Field of activity: transport of passengers, cargo, construction and mounting works, aerial surveillance, etc .;
  • Domestic airline code: UT;
  • IATA airline code: None;


Airline Turuhan. Official site.


Contact details:

  • Mailing Address airlines: 660098 Krasnoyarsk, and \ I 28694;
  • City Airline Phone: + 73912709450;
  • Airlines Fax: + 73912302671;
  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected];
  • Fleet includes:
    • Helicopters Mi-8, Mi-171;
    • Aircraft: An-24, An-26Yak-42, Tu-134.


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17 September was supposed to fly from Ust - Kut to Krasnoyarsk, 18 September 07 20 should fly Krasnoyarsk - Moscow - St. Petersburg. flight from Ust - Kut was canceled. I missed the flight in Krasnoyarsk, the trip was canceled in this direction. how do I get my money back. copies of all documents are available, where to send the request. reply to mail [email protected]

I would like to know very much, how do you comply with the law on the services of detained passenger flights? Today, uT731 to Ust-Kut returned to the airport of departure and still passengers are in limbo. Why is that??? Only see it will have to decide everything through the court.

17 June 2017, we flew to AK-42 Bavanenkovo-Ufa! I want to express my great gratitude to Stuart Sergey! I felt bad, he provided all necessary help! Thank you, Sergey! You are a real professional! With you it's not scary to fly! Flight 9652! Calm flights to you

I had bought tickets for a flight Beloyarsky 19.12.2016g -UFA on Panteleenko Victor and Ludmila Panteleenko name. By the time of the flight was bound further route for w / d from UVA Abdulino. Later departure time was changed. Because of the resulting nestykorvki flights had to hand over the tickets w / d, and acquire new ones, book a hotel room. I would like to know whether the airline shall be responsible changing flight schedules and who will reimburse the additional costs. A request to send me an e-mail [email protected]

Very disappointed !! I bought 2 tickets for 19.12.2016 flight Beloyarsky-Ufa on 14-10. To this route, I took the train tickets for further journey of Ufa-Abdulino to 19.12.2016g on 18-20. The flight from Beloyarsk was transferred to 16-40. I had to pass the train tickets, because We do not have time for the train to continue, from me they took a commission when handing over the tickets. In addition, I had to book a hotel in Ufa, tk. A big difference between the arrival of the aircraft and the departure of the train. Thus, I suffered material and moral damage. I would like the airline to be responsible for changing flights or transferring the flight time! I ask to respond.

Very disappointed. I bought tickets Strezhevoy Strezhevoy Krasnoyarsk-July. Hooray! Not long really happy. Canceled all flights! What is it like? You do not care about the passengers? Or have reported that launched a budget flight and immediately canceled? How do you understand? I am outraged.

I want to thank the captain and crew of the aircraft flying flight UT 29.09.15 055 Tomsk-Strezhevoy.Ya flew after surgery on crutches, without the accompanying. Throughout the flight, the crew was interested in my well-being, and while approaching the Strezhevoi asked me to meet someone, whether the carriage is necessary. Thank you for your participation and calm flight.


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