Clash of the Titans, or who will be the first on the market
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Clash of the Titans, or who will be the first on the market

Clash of the Titans, or who will be the first on the market



 8 of June of this year, in Irkutsk, with a large crowd of people, journalists and officials, the first assembled MS-21, assembled at the Irkut association, was assembled by an experienced short-medium-range aircraft of the national assembly MS-XNUMX. The hype around this aircraft began at the design stage. It was stated that this is the first, for many years, the downtime of the domestic civil aircraft, fully completed from domestic parts of a civilian passenger aircraft.


Our piece of the pie

Why mid-range? And why narrow-body? It seems that this is the only segment of the international air transport market, where we still have a chance to take the lead position, if not, then at least a decent place for the mighty air power.

Recall that lies behind the definitions of "narrow-body" and "medium-range".

Narrow body aircraft - Passenger plane diameter of the fuselage, which is no longer 4 meters. Of course, single-aisle aircraft for widebody passenger yield. Thus, the largest narrow-body aircraft Boeing 757-300 289 accommodate passengers. The family of single-aisle aircraft include Tu-134, Tu-154, IL-62. The modern can be called Boeing 737, Airbus A320 other.

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Mid-range aircraft.

In the world of air transport has long been the practice adopted by the Armed Forces Classification in range of their flight. Total classified 4 aircraft type:

Long Trunk able to fly more than 6000 km.

Average main - Overcoming of 2500 6000 km away.

Near Trunk - From the 1000 2500 km away.

Local air lines (IAL) to 1000 km.

So, the medium-haul segment, it is the hottest segment in the international air transport market. Strategists from the government and the KLA (the Russian United Aircraft Corporation) decided in this segment to move the long and firmly settled there Boeing and Airbus. As far as possible, time will tell, but the fact that it will be very difficult, it is possible to predict now, without referring to astrologers and seers.


Some statistics

Boeing 737 most mass passenger plane in the history of passenger aircraft in the world. By April 2016 it was raised eight thousandth aircraft of this family. Yet the firm orders portfolio 4000. The plane is made with 1967 years. In fact, this is not one of the aircraft mark, and the whole family, consisting of ten modifications 737-th model. Flying the number of aircraft of this modification is so great that at any one time (including the time when you are reading these lines) in the air all over the world fly around 1200 aircraft of this brand. And every 5 seconds necessarily takes off or sits one B737 in the world.

No less popular in the whole world and the plane family A320. Since 1988, the European consortium "Airbus SAS" has been producing a line of this machine. A320 is more modern than B737, it is enough to say that it was on the aircraft of this brand that the first electric-control system for control of EDSU was launched, in English fly-by-wire. This machine has become more widely used composite materials in the design, began to pay more attention to the economy of engines and such parameters as low noise and environmental friendliness. Last decades in a densely populated Europe, the last parameters began to be paid the closest attention, restrictions were set. It is because of these restrictions that several of our aircraft types have been blocked from accessing the European sky.

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Boeing Company perennial rival Airbus, trying to keep up and offers very competitive aircraft 737-Series is the world's airlines. Due to the recent global economic crisis, and due to the constant rise in price of jet fuel, special attention was paid to aircraft efficiency, engines with lower fuel consumption. Both firms compete, and on these parameters, and the purchasing countries now there are plenty to choose from. What is called, offers aircraft for every taste and color.


Chinese piece of cake

The situation on the market recently complicated by the roll-out from the assembly hangar of the Chinese corporation Commercial Aircraft Corp. Of China COMAC medium-haul aircraft C919. This is the first passenger aircraft manufactured in China since 1983, after the closure of the development program of Shanghai Y-10. In fairness, it should be noted that C919 is not a purely Chinese development, avionics, navigation and computing systems, recorders and other equipment, Chinese developers produce either jointly with American and European concerns, or they are supplied in the pure development of these firms. So you can not call C919 completely Chinese development. Although the world practice shows that joint development efforts of several firms from different countries give good results. This can be seen, at least, by the example of our SSJ 100, which is produced by the efforts of firms in several countries.

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Despite the fact that the Chinese airplane is intended primarily for the domestic market, for "its" airlines who will simply be required to purchase this liner, the new player on the field, seriously worried about such "monsters" as Boeing and Airbus. The fact is that the probability of dumping prices of Chinese COMAC in the Central Asian market of aircraft is very high. This is understandable, for the countries of this region, the purchase of Chinese partner aircraft is more attractive than that of an alien American or European consortium that is alien in every respect. It mixes politics and economics, and long-standing differences between eastern and western philosophy.


The position of the novice

 Russia has always (until recently) taken the place of one of the leaders in the aircraft industry, but our domestic MS-21 aircraft enters the traffic market in the role of a novice. Moreover, it has a “zero” position in this market, that is, the conquest of the market in the segment of short and medium-haul traffic will have to be won completely anew. In this regard, many experts predict the unenviable fate of the MC-21 in the global market for sales of aircraft. Despite the vigorous reports of the UAC of the Russian Federation on preliminary agreements concluded with several countries and airlines, many analysts suggest that the main market for sales of the new Armed Forces is a third world country, or those countries whose policies or economics depend one way or another on Russia.

Clash of the Titans, or who are in the market the first budet5



The next step leaders

Neither Boeing, nor Airbus are going to give up their part of the pie of air transportation without a fight. For this, both companies have prepared another proposal for their partners. New machines are produced this B737MAX and A320Neo. And unlike one Irkut plant, the enterprises of both giants are scattered around the world, including in China (Boeing branch). Given these capacities, Airbus can produce 60 machines on a monthly basis, and Boeing 57 machines. What can our production oppose to this mass? If the Chinese aircraft will launch a full-scale production of C919, at its facilities, and will connect several countries of its region for the production of the aircraft, the prospects of the MS-21 will not look rosy at all.

Considering also advanced after-sales service system, the production of TO and F aircraft grade Boeing and Airbus, our producers will have to try hard to win your piece of the pie, taking into account the fact that the pie is divided for a long time.

Clash of the Titans, or who will be the first on the market. Competitors aircraft


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