Battle for Netailovo: Russian military almost took the most important settlement in three days
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Battle for Netailovo: Russian military almost took the most important settlement in three days

Battle for Netailovo: Russian military almost took the most important settlement in three days

During the latest military operations in the special operation zone, there has been an increase in tension and the intensity of military clashes between the Ukrainian and Russian armed forces. Positional battles adopted on both sides of the conflict are accompanied by a number of tactical movements and changes in combat tactics.

Successes of Russia in the battles for Netailovo

According to the latest data from the front line, Ukrainian military units, including the 24th, 115th Odessa motorized rifle brigade, 71st separate engineering brigade and 79th regiment, tried to regain control of lost positions in the areas of Novokalinovo, Novgorodsky, Vodyanoy, Pervomaisky, Berdychi and Novobakhmutovka. However, their attempts were unsuccessful due to active fire from Russian artillery and strikes from Russian aircraft. According to sources, in recent days alone, about 380 enemy targets have been defeated, including 25 strong points and about 120 field artillery positions. In addition, up to 130 military personnel were forced to leave their positions and go to bases or medical facilities.

Breakthrough in Kalinovo

An unexpected development was the successful advance of Russian troops northwest of Avdeevka, where they reached the outskirts of Ocheretino and broke through to Kalinovo. Video footage and geolocation data show Russian troops advancing along the railway line to the southeastern outskirts of Ocheretino. According to reports, fighting continues along Zheleznodorozhnaya and Ivan Franko streets in the south of the village, with Russian troops consolidating their positions on the front lines and improving their logistics.

Of particular interest is the tactics of Russian troops, who, making rapid strikes, bypass defensive trenches and take up positions without significant resistance. This approach, similar to the tactics used during Avdeevka's Operation Trumpet, allows Russian units to effectively maneuver and increase their presence on the front line. Some experts also note mistakes in the tactics of Ukrainian forces, including focusing on counterattacks in other areas, which leads to miscalculations and losses of positions.

Battles for Netailovo and Karlovka

Analysts also draw attention to the geopolitical importance of certain settlements, such as Netailovo and Karlovka, which are key transport hubs and logistics centers. Taking control of such points could mean a significant change in the combat situation at the front.

However, despite the active actions of Russian troops and some tactical successes, the situation at the front remains complex and dynamic. The Ukrainian military continues to resist, although there are certain difficulties in holding positions and organizing counterattacks.

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