What is Jet Sharing business jet
What is Jet Sharing business jet

What is Jet Sharing business jet?



Service Jet sharing is gaining more and more popularity. This is a seat-by-seat lease of a private jet, therefore, the passenger does not pay for the aircraft in full, but only for the rented number of seats. Thus, the price of the flight is divided between the passengers on the particular flight. This format of flights became popular during a pandemic, when it became necessary to limit contact with people as much as possible. The number of passengers on board is no more than 8 people, each is an interesting person, perhaps some of them will be useful people for acquaintance.

What is Jet Sharing business jet


What is the peculiarity of the service

Jet Sharing is a seat rental service on board charter flights and business jets. Thus, it is possible to save up to 90% of the entire rental price of the aircraft. All the benefits of business aviation are available to passengers on these flights:


  • terminal available business aviation, check-in half an hour before flight departure;
  • VIP lounge for passengers (included in the cost of the flight);
  • baggage restrictions do not apply;
  • transportation of pets in the cabin is available.


For the complete comfort of passengers, the cabin is equipped with luxurious furniture, multimedia systems, and satellite communications.


How Jet Sherig works and what options are possible

Private Jet Sharing flights are as follows:


  • the client leaves an application on the website of the air broker, indicates the required direction, date, time of departure;
  • the manager contacts and clarifies the details;
  • the representative of the air broker adds the client to the group on the specified date;
  • when the group is formed, a contract is signed with the client, documents for the flight are drawn up;
  • a menu is ordered for the passenger;
  • the passenger arrives at the VIP terminal and takes off in the desired direction.

What is Jet Sharing business jet

In modern business aviation, seat rental is one of the most flexible and variable services, since it allows you to take advantage of the following opportunities:


  1. rent one or several chairs, including high-comfort seats;
  2. choose the best route, degree of comfort, level of service;
  3. order only the necessary services.


Differences between Jet Sharing and business class


If you had to fly in business class, you probably know that the difference from economy class is the courteous staff and only a slightly improved menu. Moreover, not every aircraft is equipped with a premium cabin, and not every airliner has standards that regulate the level of comfort.


Customers who decide to rent a seat on board a business jet can choose from the following options:


  • the type of aircraft;
  • service level;
  • use of a VIP terminal;
  • date, time of departure.


In a pandemic, it is important that the passenger has minimal contact with people on board a business jet.

What is Jet Sharing business jet

Advantages of chairlift rental

Compared to standard aviation, ordering a business jet has the following advantages:


  • absolute guarantee of privacy;
  • customer service in VIP-terminals;
  • the ability to pass control according to a simplified scheme, without queues;
  • the ability to organize a flight as soon as possible;
  • access to a complete list of business aviation options and services;
  • increased level of service;
  • takeoff and landing are possible at sites inaccessible to regular flights.


Important! Amid the pandemic, many scheduled flights have been canceled, but charters continue to fly in different directions.

What is Jet Sharing business jet

Who is Jet Sharing perfect for?

The service is suitable for such passengers:


  • when it was not possible to purchase a ticket for a regular flight;
  • if a flight is planned for less than 4 hours;
  • when there is a need to minimize contact with people;
  • if you want to fly with your pet in the cabin;
  • if you don't want to wait long at the airport and don't like delays.


In addition, the Jet Sharing service can be used by passengers who want to travel alone and at the same time not pay in full for the flight, passengers with small children, and elderly people.


How to find nearby flights

It is enough to go to the website of the air broker and see the schedule of the nearest flights, directions, as well as general information regarding the rules of boarding, ticket prices and flight rules.


If there is no flight for the required date or time, we recommend contacting a manager who will help you choose the most optimal route and flight time.


Other business aviation services

The main advantage of the Jet Sharing service, as well as business aviation, is that each passenger can use the full range of services and fly with maximum comfort. The air broker offers its clients:


  • selection of a liner taking into account the flight range, client's wishes;
  • assistance in renting business jets, medium-range airliners, small aircraft and private helicopters;
  • drawing up the optimal route, departure schedule;
  • organization of turnkey flights, including corporate flights.


The services of an air broker can be used by politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities, people who value their personal comfort and time.


Jet Sharing vs Empty Legs Comparison

In the first case, we are talking about a scheme when the cost of the flight is distributed among all passengers. The cost is determined by the following criteria:


  • airplane model;
  • time of booking a place;
  • flight range;
  • number of passengers.

Important! The ticket price for each passenger is the same.

What is Jet Sharing business jet

The Empty Legs scheme offers discounts ranging from 20% to 80%. These are return flights that return to base. The main amount in this case is paid by the customer of the aircraft. Passengers on such a flight have all the privileges available to private jet customers.


Business jet booking cost

The price of the service depends on many criteria; accordingly, it is calculated for each flight separately. The most common parameters are:


  • the type of aircraft;
  • service level;
  • the required number of crew members;
  • seasonality - airlines are loaded differently at different times of the year;
  • flight distance;
  • the duration of the stay.


Important! Renting a business jet is financially more profitable than buying a personal jet. Business aviation allows passengers to use different airlines, choose the most preferable option depending on the flight distance and the number of stops.

Popular destinations for private flights

According to statistics, some flights are booked much more often, respectively, liners to these destinations fly out almost regularly. Here is a list of the most popular destinations: Paris, London, Nice, Geneva, Dubai, Milan, Cannes, Zurich, Malaga.

If you have plans to visit these particular cities, contact the airline broker for help, who will select a comfortable flight for you on the specified date and time using the Jet Sharing scheme.

What is Jet Sharing business jet


Answers to questions

1. Which countries are available for departure today.

We organize flights to anywhere in the world if there are appropriate reasons for this. You can fly to Cyprus, the UAE and France only with a tourist visa and a passport.


2. What documents are required?

When booking seats by seat, only a passport and a Schengen visa are required from the passenger.

To organize an individual flight, you need: a residence permit or foreign citizenship, documents on the availability of real estate in the country where the board is sent, documents on the need for urgent treatment.


3. How safe is the purchase certificate?

We recommend not buying documents, but getting them legal. Otherwise, you may not be allowed into the destination country.


4. What grounds are required for departure from Russia?

Residence permit or citizenship of any state. For some countries, a passport and a tourist visa are sufficient.


5. Are there any cases of fraud?

The seat-to-chair service is becoming popular, so scammers are taking advantage of it. Risks for passengers - transfer or cancellation of a flight, change of board, disappearance of an air broker.

We recommend contacting trusted aviation brokers that have established themselves as a reliable company.


6. If a departure or arrival permit is not issued?

If such a situation has arisen through no fault of the passenger, the full cost of the flight is returned to him.


7. How many people are allowed on board with a patient?

If a person is connected to life support devices, there is one accompanying person. But if the patient is accompanied by medical personnel, no other passengers are needed on board.


8. Do I need to be quarantined after landing?

This depends on the regulations in the country where the board landed. Each passenger will be consulted in detail regarding the rules of the flight.


9. Is it possible to fly out of a quarantined country in 2-3 days?

This depends on the regulations in the country where the board landed.


10. How is a flight coordinated?

The necessary documents of passengers are drawn up, sent to the airline, which confirms the date and time of the flight (having previously coordinated the flight with the authorities of the host country).