Duty Free Airport Rostov
Duty Free Airport Rostov

Duty Free Airport Rostov


Rostov-on-Don Airport is the international airport of the Russian Federation. It is located in the eastern part of the city, about eight kilometers from the center. At the same time it is the only international airport in the entire Rostov region. The main indicator of passenger turnover was noticed in 2014 year - 2,342 million passengers, thanks to which I was able to occupy 12 place on the passenger flow of Russia. Thus, for the entire 2014 year from the airport, 45 flights were carried out by domestic and foreign airlines for 78 regular destinations. Due to the heavy workload, prestige and service, duty-free duty-free trade zones were organized at Rostov-on-Don airport.

What is a "duty free"? Airport Rostov-on-Don

Duty Free is a duty free zone. This phrase refers to trading places and shops that are located in the neutral zone, which means outside the sphere of influence of the state customs. Accordingly, they do not have to pay a duty to trade.

Duty Free Airport Rostov

Duty free can be located on the territory of airports, train stations and seaports. Any passenger with a passport and boarding pass can go to the Duty Free store and purchase any product that interests him. However, it should be noted that each store and country has its own rules on the number of possible purchases.

What is sold in duty free airport Rostov-on-Don

The most common range of products, which is presented in 90% of these stores around the world - is alcohol, cigarettes, jewelery, clothes, perfumes and toys. In other countries, this range may be different. Perhaps the most diverse selection of goods in the United Arab Emirates is the airport, and the prices are the lowest. Drawing a parallel between the airports of Rostov and Singapore, you can see a tangible difference in the number of SKUs. As a rule, it all depends on the index of the standard of living of passengers and amount of passenger traffic.

Most stores sell goods duty free airport Rostov-on-Don are considered strong expensive alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and cigars abroad, well-known brands perfume and cosmetics. These goods in urban stores are much more expensive because of the high taxes, so the duty free is very profitable to buy such products.

The official distributor of the airport - "AeroRegion." Though he is not able to provide the same amount of goods as airports and resorts frequented by tourists countries, but can show a considerable amount of goods in comparison with other Russian airports. In addition to these products, product range includes well-known brands of watches, jewelry, handbags, various jewelry, leather goods, tea and coffee abroad.

The shop is located in the departure sterile area on the second floor.

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