Jack Cohen. Biography. Martial flights. Ranks. A photo.
Jack Cohen. Biography. Martial flights. Ranks. A photo.

Jack Cohen. Biography. Martial flights. Ranks. A photo.



Born Jack Leslie (South Africa), his parents were immigrants from Lithuania. In 1938 Mr. Cohen attempted to enter Air Force, But was refused. It was mobilized in the infantry.

He served in the Jack Rand Light Infantry. There he asked for a hazardous job - was a driver and three-ton truck loads carried on the route from Pretoria to Cairo. Way only one end held 90 days.

Jack Cohen. Biography. Martial flights. Ranks. Photo. 1


In the fall of 1942 he managed to get his and his was transferred to the Aviation. After the initial training courses Cohen decided to fly a fighter, and his best friend on bombers (he was killed, flying on B-26).

After graduation in all courses Cohen distributed in 4-yu air-squadron, which was armed American F-40 and it was in Egypt. Jack along with his unit took all of North Africa and Italy. With him fought his future companions in the struggle for the independence of Israel Sid Cohen and Lionel Bloch.

Jack Cohen. Biography. Martial flights. Ranks. Photo. 2


As it became clear that the war in Europe is coming to an end, the squadron was re-equipped with Mustangs as soon as possible and sent to the Pacific Ocean. But the unit did not manage to get there. The complete end of the war found Cohen in Colombo (formerly Ceylon).

Jack retired from the Air Force at the end of 1946 worked as a salesman in a trading company and also dabbled in the business. Then, in 1948 Mr. Cohen decided to go to Palestine and help the formation of the young state of Israel.

He, along with other volunteers in August 1948 was reached Rome. From there, it was planned to go to Haifa, but at the time it was signed a temporary truce and UN officials followed to the area of ​​the fighting did not come new volunteers. Therefore freighter, where the Jack redirected Hertszaliyu. It based the place 101-dislocation and Squadronand. Then Cohen participated in the distillation of Palestine "Spitfires" from Czechoslovakia.

Jack Cohen. Biography. Martial flights. Ranks. Photo. 3


After the end of the war, Jack remained with 101 Squadron. He returned to South Africa in 1951, where his father was seriously ill. Cohen planned to quickly resolve his affairs, settle the impending formalities (doctors predicted a quick death for his father) and return back to Israel. But all the predictions of the doctors did not come true, Jack's father died in 1973!

Cohen stayed in South Africa all this time. In 1987, he and his family moved his daughter to Australia for permanent residence. 


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