The energy from the air. Prospects for fuel savings in air travel.
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The energy from the air. Prospects for fuel savings in air travel.

The energy from the air. Prospects for fuel savings in air travel.


American engineers a few weeks ago found a very interesting solution to provide the aircraft with energy obtained at the expense of established vibration during flight. At its core, the very development is not so new, but until now no one inquiring mind did not try to combine the device with the aircraft, but this definitely has promising opportunities that will not only reduce fuel consumption, but also it is possible already in the near future to minimize the consumption of liquid fuel up to several hundred liters.

According to the information, energy production takes place in two different ranges, in particular, here are all created by air vibration and sound vibration, was referred to as noise. Due to the mechanical-movement, an electric charge is generated, which can then be consumed as energy required to make the rotation of aircraft engines of aircraft.



Initially it was assumed the idea itself does not imply under itself any significant results, but preliminary calculations indicate that the new development will reduce fuel consumption by 10-15%, and while continuing to improve the design of recording vibrations of devices in the future it will be possible to bring the economy aviation fuel to 25-30%, which is quite significant.



Among other things, as noted by the specialists themselves, using new block device on small aircraft, it will be possible to reduce fuel consumption to a minimum - it would need only to carry out acceleration, the subsequent rise and partial maintenance of the aircraft in the air, that is, by its essentially 100-200 liters aircraft carrying 20-30 passengers will be enough to overcome the distance in 700-800 kilometers.

The very pulse energy is quite simple in its mechanism of action, however, as reported by aeronautical engineer from Boeing its implementation likely to take about 2-3 years, while she quickly pay off - the cost of all necessary equipment will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, while on one fuel only will be able to save about 1400-1700 thousand dollars for a round trip on the distance in kilometers 1000


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