Squadron 633 (1964).
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Squadron 633 (1964).

Squadron 633 (1964).


  • Country: USA.
  • Directed by Walter Grauman.
  • Starring: Cliff RobertsonGeorge ChakirisMaria PercheHarry AndrewsDonald HoutsonMichael GudlayJohn Meylon



A group of British pilots entrusted with a difficult task - they will destroy the well-fortified and protected the secret Nazi factory located in Norway.



Information about the object, which will make the plaque is not so much, but because the pilots RAF aware all the risks to which they are forced to go. However, no one gives up the job because the RAF no place for cowardice, and the brave pilots are ready to once again prove.



Squadron 633 is already preparing for its aircraft sorties, and each of the pilots understand that back to return, not all.



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