Eurocopter EC145 T2
Eurocopter EC145 T2

Eurocopter EC145 T2




The first instance of the model helicopter EC145 T2, transferred to the buyer of the company for air transport. In the spring of the year 2014 the helicopter received the certificate of the European Agency EASA aviation security, which makes it possible to start mass deliveries of aircraft to customers. More than 100 applications for model helicopter EC145 T2, received by a company, the production of which is carried out in Danauverte.

EC145 Model - operated by a crew consisting of 1-2 pilots, and is designed for the transportation of passengers 9. It belongs to the class of light vehicles and weighs 1792 kg. The maximum takeoff weight 3585 kg payload 1793 kg. The helicopter set power plant, consisting of two turbo Tyrbomeca Arriel 1E2, power 738 l. s., each. The maximum flight speed is 268 km / h. Flight range 680 km. Maximum lift height 5240 km.

In parallel with the base model EC145, produced an updated version of EC145 T2 with more powerful engines (2h775 kW), the new design of the tail rotor and advanced avionics system.


Eurocopter EC145 T2

Eurocopter EC145 T2 photo

Special model EC645 T2 - version of a helicopter designed for the armed forces of the countries of the European Union and the UH-72A Lakota model for the US Army.

The first helicopter EC145 T2 instance transferred company DRF Lustrettung, engaged in rescue of victims in case of an emergency. Total company to perform its functions ordered 20 helicopter units of the model EC145 T2. Helicopters equipped with equipment for flying at night, consisting of night vision goggles, allowing air to perform rescue operations around the clock.

Model EC145 T2 established itself as a multi-purpose helicopter. Its compact size, the presence of various equipment to perform a wide range of different operations, excellent flight performance even under the most extreme weather conditions make it possible to apply it in an urban environment, the countryside and the mountains.

European airlines that have ordered rescue operations in total 85 units EC145 T2. Helicopter goes on aviapodrazdeleniya police, the armed forces of Germany, in addition to be used for transportation of personnel to offshore platforms.
Companies involved in the organization of business travel, booked about 20 helicopters to be delivered before the end of this year.


Eurocopter EC145 T2 cabin

Eurocopter EC145 T2 cabin


The new helicopter model has improved performance, especially EC145 T2 suited for rescue operations and surpasses the previous model BK117 / EC145. It meets all the requirements and regulations imposed on this class of aircraft, it requires less time and the number of transactions due to the long intervals between overhauls major components and assemblies. Of particular note is that EC145 T2 is the quietest helicopter in its class.

Among the new features the upgraded model of the helicopter, it is necessary to note the engine Turbomeca Arrial 2E digital electronic controller with dual modes of management control (FADEC) and the tail rotor gearbox, the last major improvements. In the cockpit installed digital avionics suite with 4-axial autopilot, which is a new development of Airbus Helicopters. The helicopter can continue to fly even with one engine running, which is important for the safety of the flight and especially during the rescue operations.

Airbus Helicopters Company offers its customers a wide range of services to support the stable operation of the helicopter. Provides training for technicians and pilots, as well as extensive inventory of spare parts and individual service programs, such as the by-the-hour service and Turbomeca service-by-the-hour version of the engine. These software tools are designed for you to reduce operating costs and ensure the highest level of readiness of equipment.

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