Federal Service of the US Air Marshals
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Federal Service of the US Air Marshals

Federal Air Marshal Service USA. Russia.


 Russian people have always drank, and it seems they will always drink. Drink everything a lot and everywhere. On the street and at work, in cafes, restaurants and bars. No exception and transport. And even air transport, i.e. aircraft. Here they drink before and during the flight. In the waiting room and on board. Fly away on vacation or on a business trip, and returning from there. Having bought alcohol in the duty free, or brought with you. Or after drinking right before the flight. In any case, a drunk Russian passenger of charter or regular flights is far from uncommon. It is good if such a passenger is "under the chef", he just falls asleep on board. But lately, drunken passengers have often been drawn to “feats” and adventures.

Well if you are starting to kick up a row at the airport, at the KBC (aircraft commander) is still possible, despite the delay of the flight, call the police and take inadequate passenger (sometimes more than one) from the board. And if binge began already in the air? How to tame the bully? The solution takes a commander. He is the only responsible for the crew and passengers. What can he really oppose howling "hero", having only girls in the crew of flight attendants, but the co-pilot? He can only rely on assistance to passengers.



Federal Air Marshal Service USA.


 After blindly worshiping all Western, American pendulum public opinion swung to the other side. Now it is customary to make fun of Americans, America, their style and way of life. The famous satirist M. Zadornov regularly adds fuel to the fire.

 But in any country, no matter what system was there, there is always something to learn.

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 In 1961, in accordance with the order of the US President John F. Kennedy, representatives of law enforcement agencies began to fly on some flights. And on March 2, 1962. The first 18 people were professionally trained. With the light hand of journalists, air security workers began to be called air marshals. Agents of the US Air Marshals Service undergo special training in the city of Quantico at the US Navy base at the FBI Academy. In addition to special equipment, agents are armed with automatic small arms.

 Since the fall of 1970, due to the frequent incidents of air piracy by Islamic radicals, President R. Nixon has ordered federal agents to accompany both domestic and international flights. At that time, 1700 people already underwent specialized training and flew in groups of 2-3 people on board. All financing was made from the state budget.

With the improvement of the situation with air terrorism gradually decreased the number of marshals on 11 September 2001g. They had only 33 person. But in October 2001g. More 600 people from various agencies spets.sluzhb and began to pass training. Later collections were still in the service of the marshals, but the information has become closed.

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The fact is that the essence of the work of US air marshals is that they, under the guise of ordinary passengers, fly on the most dangerous flights, controlling the situation in the cabin. The threat of seizure of the ship, drunken brawl that threatens the safety of the aircraft and passengers, panic on board, inappropriate behavior of individual passengers, the resolution of these situations is within the competence of the marshals. Since the service does not advertise its work, the number of employees is classified daily. But, according to some estimates, today their number is about 4000.


Air marshals in other countries.



Now air marshal services exist in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Austria, Australia and India.

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 The main duties of these services are to pacify debauchees, prevent hijackings and terrorist acts, and neutralize potential threats to the safety of an airplane’s flight. They have the right to use stun guns, batons, handcuffs, and in some cases to open fire from small arms to kill.


And in Russia, still thinking.


 The major airlines of Russia proposed and approved the Federal Air Transport Agency, the creation on the basis of the transport police of a special unit to combat air riot control, hijackers, and terrorists. Offer also in the Ministry of Transport. Along with the introduction of a service similar to the American marshals, it is proposed to issue alcohol, bought at the airport in duty free, only after landing. Also offered equipment boards video surveillance. The toughening of punishments for hooliganism in the air is proposed to be extremely tightened, even by equating it with terrorism.

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 While the issue is being resolved, large airlines use their own security service workers, while small companies offer handing out handcuffs and stun guns to pilots themselves.

 Have a good flight without drunken neighbors.


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