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Meet the current Major General of Aviation today is not as easy as in the old days. The fact is that in 1993, this military rank was abolished. Now in the field of aviation a similar rank is assigned without specifying the type of troops: simply “Major General” (i.e., without prefix). And most of the major generals of aviation today are either retired or in reserve.  

The title was first introduced back in 1940 according to two decrees of the Presidium of the Supreme Council on the establishment of military ranks to senior officers. At that time, the number of members of aviation units has increased dramatically; apparently, there was a need to streamline the system of assigning ranks. Title "Major General Aviation" 53 existed for years. Military history is replete with characters who, at one time or another, were given the title. If you meet Air Force Major General, retired or left, make no mistake: in front of you - a man of unique experience and knowledge.

Major General Aviation

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In connection with the recent crash of a Malaysian Airlines plane in the skies over Ukraine, an interview with retired Major General of Aviation Alexander Barsukov appeared in the press. The current professor of the Irkutsk branch of the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation knows almost everything about the technical part of the work of passenger flights. And the first question that naturally arises for an experienced aviator concerns the danger warning system on board the downed aircraft. Such systems, he said, are on all modern aircraft: as soon as the aircraft hits the sight, special sensors are triggered. The signal is instantly transmitted to the display, and the pilot in the cockpit simply cannot fail to notice it. This leads to the second question: what if the pilot did notice the signal and said where to? Why, then, is there not a word about this anywhere? The situation is incomprehensible.

In an interview, Major General Aviation also analyzes the possible causes of the crash of the flight. According to A. Barsukov, there is simply nothing to base conclusions on.