Civil aviation: ways to improve
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Civil aviation: ways to improve

Civil aviation: ways to improve


The sphere of civil aviation is actively developing on the territory of our country, in particular, it is expressed in the expansion of the route network, and in the increase in the number of companies on the territory of our country. Nevertheless, it is important to take into account the fact that this is only one side of the so-called medal, but there is also a much darker side that needs improvement, in particular, it is a question of the quality of the provided passenger transportation services, as recently, the rights of citizens are being violated more and more often.



To date, there are 111 airlines in the territory of the Russian Federation engaged in commercial air transportation services (information is based on the data of the Federal Air Transport Agency - author's note), and if the majority of airlines seek to improve the quality of the services provided, other carriers are reluctant to do so, due to which the rights of passengers are increasingly violated.

It is important to take into account the fact that the responsibility for the quality of the passenger services provided is not less than the responsibility of the aviation authorities, but, as the current statistics show, in some cases it will not be called connivance. A typical example of this is the situation around the company VIM-Avia, which unexpectedly ceased its activity, thereby bringing tens of thousands of passengers, although the same Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation had every reason to be interested in the activities of the company that in summer Dozens of flights have been delayed.



Moreover, in the framework of a recent inspection, Rostransnadzor said that about 10 airlines are still under threat of bankruptcy, and the fact that this fact was not detected earlier, also remain unknown, which makes one think about the competence of aviation authorities.

Nevertheless, no matter how deplorable the situation may be, only the authorities of the country can improve it, for which, the most effective measure would be toughening the rules for the provision of services, in particular, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation recently proposed depriving carriers of the right to fly abroad with numerous delays and cancellation of flights, which could have a positive effect. In addition, the toughening of the rules could also be an effective measure, in particular, in the case of numerous delays, airlines can temporarily limit their activities, or deprive them of the right to fly on the routes where flights are most often delayed. Of course, such a policy may be unacceptable for a number of domestic operators, however, this approach will improve the quality of services provided to passengers.



Among other things, it is important to take into account the fact that domestic air carriers prefer to cash in on their passengers by setting higher prices on strategically important routes, especially when these routes are served by only one or two carriers. As part of an independent audit, it was found that prices are at least overvalued here at 1,5-3 times, which in turn means that the competent authorities, and we are talking about the Federal Antimonopoly Service, need to monitor pricing, and in case of violations , to impose violators of large fines.

In general, today experts appreciate the sphere of civil aviation of the Russian Federation, however, improvements should be sought, as this will provide citizens with the opportunity to quickly move around the country, and also bring additional revenue to the treasury.


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