Heli-Sport CH-7
Heli-Sport CH-7

Heli-Sport CH-7


Heli-Sport CH-7 is a two-seater light helicopter.

Made by the Italian company with Helisport 1996, it has already released more than 200 helicopters. The company «HeliSportS.rl», which produces, offers KiTCH7 «KompressCharle» that is designed for the assembly of 400 hours.


Heli-Sport CH-7 photo

Heli-Sport CH-7 photo.


Helicopters CH series owe their existence to the famous Argentine designer helicopters Sukkar Augusto. Seat passenger and the pilot positioned as a motorcycle in tandem. The frame is welded from steel pipes, rails and tail section aluminum. The fuel used petrol Ai95.


Heli-Sport CH-7 photo booths.

Heli-Sport CH-7 photo booths.


Features helicopter Heli-Sport CH-7:



  • Powerplant: 1 × Rotax582

  • Power: 47,8kVt or Rotax912

  • The diameter of the rotor: 5,79m 

  • Length: 7,01m 

  • Height: 2,05m 

  • Takeoff Weight: 357kg 

  • Empty weight: 203kg 

  • Maximum speed: 192km / h 

  • The speed at FL: 160km / h 

  • Fuel reserve: 40 

  • Flight duration: 3H45min. 



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