Searcher MK II was developed in 1990 by IAI. It is designed to provide indications of a variety of impact weapon systems and for reconnaissance to tactical depth. This is an improved model of a UAV searcher, but its length and wingspan are larger. Thailand purchased 4 such systems and a ground station. After the buyers became India, Spain and Singapore. For the first time, IAI demonstrated the searcher MkII at the international exhibition in Singapore in the winter of 1998. In 2000, India signed a contract for the supply of not less than 32 complexes of this type. Delhi purchased another 8 of such UAVs in 2003 year. They are actively used for observation and reconnaissance on the Indo-Pakistan border. Also searcher is used in various search and rescue operations.

Take-off weight of the device is 436 kg. Its length is 5,85 m, and its wingspan is 8,55 m. According to the manufacturer, the searcher MkII can be in flight for up to 20 hours. It is capable of operating within a radius of 250 km at a speed of 200 km per hour and an altitude of 6100 m. The UAV has a fairly low level of intrinsic noise. This is ensured by the use of a two-bladed pusher screw and a low-noise 4-cylinder engine. In the nose compartment, which is made of composite materials, there is electronic equipment and a central on-board computer. In the cargo hold there is a TV camera equipment, photographic equipment, EW equipment, laser designator. 

UAVs are launched on their own or with the help of the pneumatics. They are transported in disassembled form. Planting should be done with the help of the catcher or independently. Crew apparatus - 3-4 person. A control wire drone in flight, taking off the other controls, the third acts as a commander of the fourth serving equipment.

In general, searcher MkII is quite an effective means for conducting reconnaissance in the air. It can compete with UAVs of the same size, which are produced by other companies. One of the advantages of searcher MkII is that it has been produced for a long time and has been operated in various climatic conditions. 

IAI SEARCHER II. Characteristics:

Modification   Searcher II
Wingspan, m   8.55
Length m   5.85
Height, m   1.16
Weight, kg  
  Payload   100
  Fuel   110
  maximum take-off   426
engine's type   1 Limbach L 550
Power, hp   X 1 47
Maximum speed km / h   200
Cruising speed, km / h   196
Range, km   250
Flight duration, h   15 – 18
ceiling   6100


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