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To positive air programs

To positive air programs

“Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with TASS advised representatives of the opposition to offer potential voters a POSITIVE program, and not just scold the current government. The head of state said this in the framework of the project “20 questions to Vladimir Putin” (Yandex.News 26.02.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX).

Words words! Earlier, “Vladimir Putin called for a breakthrough during the big press conference,“ a leap into a new technological structure. ” According to the head of state, without this, the country has no future. Putin mentioned that if the government does not set ambitious goals, no results will be achieved ”(20.12.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX› News ›Zvezda› channel).

He gave the word - he took the word!

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the army and navy will be equipped with the latest weapons ( 23.02.2020/28/XNUMX) and ordered our Army to be equipped with obsolete Mi-XNUMXNMs, having actually completed the “jump” back, having forgotten its own words that with a “leap into the old technological order” - “the country has no future”?

And in support of liberal journalists predict "great success" for this helicopter: "It is noted that most likely the Russian pilots will use the tactics of attack from an ambush. In this way, according to the publication, the Mi-28NM will secure a 100% victory for itself ”(In the USA, they evaluated the new tactics of the Russian Mi-28 against ...› news / March 1).

The Mi-28 did not have any “ambush” victories; will not be in the future:

Any hovering, including behind a hill, requires increased engine operating modes, especially with a full combat load, when the gearboxes are not averse to driving shavings with the subsequent failure of the tail rotor.

Beyond the hill, air currents can be not only ascending, but also descending, which depends on the direction and strength of the wind. To this must be added the temperature of the outside air, and its static ceiling = 3600m. - only on paper, but with a full combat load, but at high air temperature he can’t overpower the hover even at 1600m! And our pilots have had to fly more recently in hot countries, and in highlands! (The Ka-50 helicopter with full combat load surely hangs at an altitude of = 4000m, which is proved by army test pilots during flights in the mountains of Chechnya).  

Not those times: the waiting time of tanks in an ambush of Mi-28 helicopters will depreciate the ubiquitous vigilant drones and satellite surveillance.

But to demonstrate the combat capabilities of the Mi-28, they launch a video - a fake about its supposedly high efficiency in Syria against tanks.

At the end of the video, the Su-25 pair is clearly visible instead of the advertised Mi-28, which is coming out of the attack.

Now compare the sight of the Mi-28N helicopter, which attacks missiles with armored vehicles.

After being hit, the wrecked car drives off in one direction, and the militants run away in the other direction.

But the horizon indicator on the screen of the Mi-28 sight is not visible, which is clearly visible in the Su-25.

And a fresh fake: "Zvezda" publishes unique footage of the destruction of military equipment of terrorists in Syria, filmed from the cockpit of the Mi-28N. They were shown in a special issue of the program “Military Acceptance. Syria. 2020-03-11.

Again the sight of the Su-25, and the task is this: by any lie to convince the reader that the Mi-28NM is worthy of continuing service in our VKS.

In Syria, militant tanks were destroyed by Su-25 attack aircraft and Ka-52 Alligators, but not Mi-28N! Moreover, when escorting the Mi-8 transport on the way, the Night Hunter died and fell from fatigue. Fortunately, the crew survived, and the helicopter to smithereens and the conclusion:

The Mi-28NM helicopter is NOT WORTHY for continuing service in our VKS !!!

"Further into the forest - more delirium!"

The irresponsibility of impunity allowed effective managers, together with unknown military personnel, to completely abandon a real promising coaxial combat helicopter, moreover, an already completed project.

An option has been adopted for “development”, which is not yet in the project, but “will be” based on a relic of the past Mi-24LL “on which day it is unknown, in no year!”. But the designers of the cost center in the 80s of the last century already tried to create a high-speed Mi-42 helicopter and in practice made sure that a tail rotor helicopter does not fit at high speeds in any way: 

"In the end, the experts came to the conclusion that" ... it will not be possible to create a helicopter in strict accordance with the technical specifications of the customer with the current technical level of development of technology and instrumentation in our country. " By the end of the 80s. work on the Mi-42 was stopped ”(Helicopter Mil Mi-42.

Only the point here is not at all the “technical level” of our time, but the unsuitability of a single-rotor helicopter with tail rotor for speeds of 400k / h or more! After all, at that time, the Kamovtsy already had ready-made real projects for the landing V-50 longitudinal scheme with a speed = 400k / h

and a V-100 rotary-wing transverse circuit (crew of two people, combat load 3t, dynamic ceiling 6500m) with a maximum speed = 450k / h, radius of action 700km. 

To step on the same rake, especially for future high-speed projects? Who-who, and the general designers of the cost center are obliged to remember the work on the Mi-42 with a negative result, so as not to throw money away. But, presumably, they do not throw them away, but lay them in their pockets, so do not mind repeating the fate of the Mi-42 again! The main thing is to allocate grandmothers: Vashobkomu - good, but his own pockets even better!

About engines

At one time, government ministers thwarted the flight tests of the outstanding NK-93 engine, and today this highly efficient engine would be very useful for heavy transport aircraft flying to Syria!

Anatoly Pilot, Lead Designer, SNTK im. N.D. Kuznetsov ”on the NK-93 engine:“ This engine has three big advantages over everyone else. This is the best specific consumption in the world, low noise and environmental friendliness, i.e. no competition ”(NK-93 domestic aircraft engine or the myth of the Putin-Medvedev tandem

The Il-96 was originally designed for these engines, it also has a cargo version. Moreover, the designers claim that this engine can easily increase traction to 23 kg. and then they can be installed on the heaviest An-000 Ruslan aircraft. After all, it was precisely on these engines that the Communists of the State Duma persistently proposed V.V. Putin to complete the tests, followed by launch in a series. But instead of a reasonable answer, they received an unsubscribe, and instead of a ready-made outstanding engine, it was decided to allocate 124 billion rubles for the design of the PD-80 engine:

“NK-93 significantly exceeds the characteristics of the created PD-14, and it took only three billion rubles to bring the engine ready for mass production.

A very subtle issue is pricing. The cost of one PD-14 is about six million dollars, and the PW1400G is 5,4 million ”(vpk-news. Published in the issue No. 40 (753) for October 16, 2018“ There is no motor in his Fatherland ”).

It will not be superfluous to recall the RD-600 engine. Designed for the Ka-60/62 helicopter and designed with the latest technology, it has already passed the tests. The final is the same: they cease to finance its further tests and purchase French engines for the Ka-62. This helicopter absolutely did not need more powerful engines, since it is also capable of landing on its own engine in the event of a failure in the flight of another engine! But our engine is incomparably cheaper for the price and was not built for garage storage, and in fact the gearbox had to be replaced with a reinforced and imported one, which pulled fabulously high prices for a helicopter.

And this is not all: the engine also has an airplane version of the RD-600S with power = 1300hp. For many years, various designers have revolved around the outstanding An-2 aircraft in order to replace the piston engine with a modern turboprop engine. In this case, a better engine than the RD-600S and not come up with! But the Novosibirsk designers of SibNIA for the TVS-2DTS Baikal aircraft (modernization of the An-2) are buying an American dead Honeywell TRE-331-12 engine with an output of 1100 hp,

which is clearly weak, because the flight weight of this aircraft is increased by almost half.

In fact, the progress of the members of the government is only in the language, hence M. Poghosyan, instead of the wonderful and ready for serial production of Tu-334 aircraft, proceeded to design (again from "0") the "modern" SSJ-100 aircraft on the principle: "from the world on a thread - a naked shirt ”(in it 80% - imported). Today, this mediocre "super-duper" with outdated French engines is not needed by anyone, despite the fact that he was thrown crazy money from the state budget!

“Appetite grows with eating”

 After the destruction of significant aviation projects and finished new aircraft and helicopters, the government began to destroy the design bureaus themselves. And to start with the best KB in the world:

“The mysterious disappearance of Kamov Design Bureau along with helicopters.

On the official page of the Federal Air Transport Agency, in the "developers" section, we could not find any traces of the Kamov Design Bureau. More detailed searches showed that not only this design bureau was lost, but also its helicopters.

The developer’s certificate issued to the newly-made NCV, as it turned out, applies only to Milevsky products. Not a single Ka helicopter was found there. Everyone can be convinced of it.

It turns out that all Kama civilian helicopters are outlawed ?! ” ( 21. 02. 2020).

The helicopter programs proposed by the General Designer of helicopters S.V. Mikheev from the military, and especially from the practical side, are simply flawless for the State, but the government of V.V. Putin does not launch them into development, while abundantly giving out finances for the Mi-X1, RACHEL and “high-speed” Mi-24LL antique helicopter pseudo-projects. They are trying to lull our vigilance with a promise to create “promising helicopters” in some future: “A series of promising helicopters should help Russia not lose its place in the world market. Domestic helicopter construction will receive 60 billion rubles in the coming years (12.12.2012 Keeping the Height -

“Evaporated” 60 mln. rubles, as well as there is no “series of promising helicopters” and is not expected in the near future !!! It began with a simple one - absorption of production and increase in prices for manufactured products in order to optimize:

 “It is known that with the advent of the Helicopters of Russia to KumAPP, prices, for example, for the Ka-32, increased one and a half times - this was written in 2012 by Yevgeny Matveev, then a teacher at the Academy named after N.E .. Zhukovsky "(Arguments. Weekly 21.05.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX." Manturovsky Falcons smash the helicopter plant ...), which leads to the bankruptcy of the plant.

Why are there helicopters - the production of light sports aircraft has been discontinued:

“The aircraft sport team does not have its own aircraft. In order to train and perform, aircraft have to be rented. Mostly used foreign aircraft, such as Extra from Germany.

“Su-26 and Su-31 planes are not produced, athletes redeem them in the USA and return them to Russia.” (

It is believed that President V.V. Putin lifted Russia off its knees. To our great regret in AVIATION, it is the exact opposite. But our country with great distances and difficult geographical and climatic conditions especially needs aviation! Today, more than ever, modern Russian-made aviation with reliable and efficient engines is required, the projects of which are massively frozen (or destroyed) by Kremlin officials!

Let's hope that V.V. Nevertheless, Putin will apply the power given to him by the people to ministerial officials with the goal of restoring our AVIATION!

Vitaly Belyaev, especially for

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