How to carry the guitar in an airplane
How to carry the guitar in an airplane

How to carry the guitar in the air: how recommendations



Transportation guitar on the plane can be achieved in several ways:

  • take in the aircraft cabin as hand luggage;

  • place the instrument in hard case and submit it to the baggage;

  • disassemble the guitar, put it in a suitcase and hand luggage in with the other things

  • send by courier.

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Let's consider the last method first. In general, sending a guitar by courier service is not a tricky business, but it has several big drawbacks. The first of them is the timing: the owner will have to send the musical instrument either in advance before departure in order to receive the guitar on the spot at the time of arrival, or send it immediately before the flight, but then wait 1-2 days for its arrival. Even the fastest services will not be able to deliver a musical instrument within a few days, and even if they do, the cost of transportation will be serious. The second disadvantage is that you have to pay a lot of money for shipping. Third, you will have to pack the parcel (if the carrier does not provide such a service), call a courier, fill out paperwork, go to the office, that is, waste a lot of time. When traveling abroad, you also need to think about the customs clearance of the guitar. And the last drawback is that the guitar can be lost on the way, and then you will have to demand insurance payments from the courier service.

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Now consider the option of putting the guitar in the baggage. You need to be aware that the things in the luggage compartment of the aircraft literally "fly" in the compartment during takeoff and landing. Therefore, it is recommended to close the guitar in the lock case so that it does not accidentally open on the way. Instead of a case, you can use a regular suitcase, but you will have to disassemble a musical instrument. Of course, when transporting a guitar with a glued or through the neck, this option is not suitable. And one more important point: it is not recommended to transport the guitar in a disassembled state by plane too often, because wood is not metal, and the thread for screws in it can quickly become loose. 

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Finally, the most used method is to place the guitar in a soft case and take it with you on the plane. Before doing this, it is recommended that you study the airline's rules for the carriage of musical instruments. The fact is that hand luggage in its dimensions should not exceed the values ​​set by the air carrier, and not every guitar can fit into them, first of all, in terms of the length parameter. Formally, this means that you cannot take it to the salon, but in practice, in 99% of cases, guitar owners are not denied their request and are given tags for hand luggage at the airport. Refusal by an airline employee can only follow if there is already too much checked-in hand luggage. In this case, if you insistently do not want to give the instrument to the risks of transportation in the luggage compartment, everything will depend on your ability to negotiate with people. The flight attendant must find a place in the cabin for the cargo. This is their duty, because the safety of passengers during the flight depends on the placement of things: in an emergency, any loose suitcase can start flying around the cabin and hit one of the passengers.

If you are wondering why the landing and take-off is not allowed to use cameras, iPads, laptops and so on, imagine the situation as the emergency braking of the aircraft will fly your tablet to someone in the head.

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Conclusion: if you want to transport the guitar safely and safely, we strongly recommend trying to bring it to the salon and ask the airline employee to find a place for it, while not forgetting about the good fixation of the musical instrument. 

"things in the luggage compartment of the aircraft literally" fly "around the compartment during takeoff and landing." Are you out of your mind?
Luggage is fastened with special fixings to the floor. If the distribution of cargo is uneven, the plane will not take off.