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Tiltrotor or high-speed helicopter Ka-92

Tiltrotor or high-speed helicopter Ka-92

“Recently, at meetings in the RF Ministry of Defense, where the command of the Russian airborne forces is present, the question of the possibility of developing and producing equipment called tiltrotor for the needs of the paratroopers is again raised.

... And yet it is worth hoping that the tiltrotor for the Russian airborne troops will soon appear in the airspace of our Motherland. " ( November 2020).

 That's really something, but the tiltrotor does not fit our airborne forces in any way! In particular, the price of the Ka-92 = $ 30 million, and the cost of the serial V-22 tiltrotor "according to various sources, from 70 million to 110 million dollars" (30.12.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX Do we need tiltroplanes?). 

Their carrying capacity is the same with a small difference in speed, but the engine power of the V-22 is twice that of the Ka-92, i.e. fuel consumption is also 2 times more!

I don’t want to talk about flight safety - they haven’t come up with anything worse than an aircraft tiltrotor:

“… After the failure of both engines (very rarely), using autorotation should make a safe landing. This is, however, complicated by the fact that its propellers have lower inertia and therefore lower autorotation capability than conventional helicopter rotors. This makes crash landings from a hovering position below 500 m very dangerous, since such heights are too low to use the gliding capabilities of the wings. " (

Here is a little more detailed. For cover-planes, the screws are supporting-pulling, i.e. in vertical modes, they work as helicopter rotors, and in flight - as aircraft propellers. The diameter of the screws for the V-22 = 10,6m; flight weight -24t. With such indicators, the tiltrotor in case of engine failure will begin to fall sharply downward. And before landing, the crew will not be able to extinguish the rapid speed, because its propellers, again, due to their small size, and even three blades per propeller, receive a small inertial moment, which is needed to maintain the speed of the N.V. when damping vertical speed.

The Ka-92 helicopter also has two propellers (coaxial), but with a diameter of 5m. more and + 4 blades per propeller, and the flight weight of the helicopter is less by a third and = 16t, i.e. if the engines fail at any height, it will quickly and without problems switch to the autorotation mode, followed by a safe landing.

But the most important thing is that in the airborne troops the tiltrotor will have to take off and land only in a helicopter manner, and due to the very small diameter of the main rotors, the tiltrotor will not have a power reserve in hover mode. Taking off from various "wells" is out of the question.

An example from Afgan: “The gorge was 50 m deep. At its bottom, in the bed of a dry river, paratroopers lay down. In seventy meters from them bandits "saddled" one of the walls of the gorge. The wingman's helicopter and a pair of Mi-24s, of course, covered the actions of the squadron commander from above. The battle did not subside for a minute, but using SABs to illuminate the area in a firefight was like death. For the same reason, the helicopters did not include landing lights. The only thing the paratroopers helped with was set fire to the grass: the outlines of the area became at least visible.

Railean landed the helicopter in the gorge on the orders of the pilot-navigator, who leaned his waist into the cockpit blister and corrected the actions of the crew commander: he told him the distance from the blades to the gorge wall - five, two, half a meter. Finally, the Mi-8 sat on one wheel, since the local terrain did not allow landing in a different way. In the meantime, it turned out that another 16 special forces received injuries of varying severity, so that night the legendary squadron commander several times went down and up the vertical at the commands of his navigator, until he took all the wounded out of the ill-fated gorge (Remember Afghanistan | Weekly ... vpk -news).

For a tiltrotor, such a landing is excluded, but if it somehow makes a landing empty, then it will not have enough propeller thrust for a vertical rise from the bottom of the gorge, especially with wounded soldiers! For Americans, tiltrotors take off well only from the deck of an aircraft carrier, and extreme conditions when flying in rough terrain are for helicopters! With this task, in particular, they are doing well with Boeing CH-47 Chinook longitudinal helicopters, and testing of high-speed coaxial helicopters S-97 and SB-1 in the new version of Defiant-X is coming to an end to replace the classic helicopters. ...

For our Airborne Forces, there has long been an impeccable project of the Ka-32-10AG helicopter based on the Ka-32 helicopter, which does not require large pre-production financial costs, and they will be replaced by the high-speed Ka-92 and Ka-102, although the Kremlin government has not yet supported this initiative.

With all modifications, the Mi-8 is no match for a coaxial helicopter, and especially in terms of flight safety! In the last century, the Mi-8 was a truly outstanding helicopter, but its time is irrevocably gone, and today the airspace of our country must be mastered by high-speed helicopters!

I will add that the Americans adhere to an aggressive policy, hence they have a need for long-range rotary-wing aircraft with high speed, even to the detriment of payload. Our military strategy is defensive, when in tactical landing operations it is not so much the flight range that is important as the ability of the helicopter to quickly take off and land and with a large number of soldiers, especially in hard-to-reach places.

And God forbid, if a war with NATO begins: helicopter pilots will meet its beginning on obsolete Mi-8 and Mi-28 helicopters, just as our pilots began V.O.V. met on outdated I-16 fighters. But if the I-16s lost in battle to the modern Messers, then the Mi-8/28 helicopters will be shot down even with small arms from the ground along the tail boom - at the most vulnerable spot of the classic helicopter. And their speed is low - from the last century - and plus the low altitudes at which these helicopters continue to fly, then all taken together will allow enemy soldiers to disguise themselves in advance, aim and shoot exactly at the target, taking into account the fact that their tail rotor will notify about its arriving long before arrival!

Not only that, coaxial helicopters are not afraid of xv. beam, then they are also much simpler in piloting technique, and when the clumsy Mi-50 is put into service instead of the highly maneuverable Ka-28, and the outdated Mi-32A10 is launched into the series instead of the high-performance Ka-171-2AG, then I personally regard this as a state crime under the guise of lobbying! The obvious thing: the Ka-32-10AG is capable of transporting 1,5 tons. the payload is larger than the Mi-171A2 helicopter with the same engines and its advantage will be its lower drag, which means it is also faster and more economical. It would seem - and what is there incomprehensible? But the worst variant - the Mi-171A2 helicopter - is launched into a series of these contestants. If this is not sabotage, then what is it ???

And here is how the American soldiers are loaded into the landing helicopters.

Our soldiers could have made the landing just as comfortably if the Russian Aerospace Forces had been armed with Ka-32-10AG helicopters! But government managers are hindered by a longing for antiquity deep and, apparently, not in itself, but at the suggestion of the United States, where the Kremlin liberals can keep contributions from the "implementation and production" of "high-speed" layouts and Mi-24LL helicopters with endless "upgrades" of the Mi-8 and Mi-26, which they do not need!

As an argument, I cite a remark about the Russian elite by Zbigniew Brzezinski "If five hundred billion dollars of the Russian elite are kept in American banks, then you will decide whose elite it is, ours or yours."... (August 4th, 2016,

Now it becomes clear and the destruction of the unique, the best in the world KB Kamov behind the screen of "optimization" and, of course, for the "good" of Russia, although in reality it was done for the good of the United States. And taking into account the fact that the KB MVZ them. M.L. Mil, after mastering the Mi-26 helicopter (1980), stopped working on the design and production of helicopters of a new generation, then we can safely say that we now have NO design helicopter bureaus! For example, since 1980, the design bureau of the MVZ has developed and released only mock-ups of pseudo-projects of the "high-speed" Mi-X1 helicopter and the "high-speed" "Rachel" helicopter for air exhibitions, and also converted the 2-seater Mi-24 cockpit into a single one and this product under the designation The Mi-24LL is presented to us as a model of the helicopter of the future. Now we can state that the desire of the Americans (corrected ed.) To destroy our helicopter design bureaus is FULFILLED in full!

And then, judging "it will do just fine", the same managers put our paratroopers on edge Mi-8 again.

By the way, there is a flight technician behind (without a headgear), who makes sure that in a hurry someone does not fall under the tail rotor. The landing is Suvorov's "speed and onslaught", so if they were to carry out a combat mission on the Ka-32-10AG, the loading time of the fighters would be reduced significantly, and in fact saving time in a war is the most valuable combat component of a group of paratroopers.

No one denies that in Soviet times, the Mi-8 helicopter was really welcome, but everything has its time! He served his faithfully and faithfully, and to replace him in the Kamov Design Bureau, he was offered a project of a coaxial Ka-32-10 helicopter. But the development of this wonderful and very necessary helicopter for the State has been frozen, probably now until the re-election of the President. It was similar in our State when N.S. Khrushchev cut a good half of the military aviation, and L.I. Brezhnev then restored it!

As for the attention that government officials are now paying towards convertiplanes, it seems to me that everyone is laughing at fake projects of "high-speed" Mi helicopters today: "A promising high-speed helicopter, which is now being developed by the Russian Helicopters holding, can accelerate up to 500 km / h. " (500 km / h by helicopter: a flying machine based on the Mi-24 ...

Let me remind you that the speed record of the Mi-24 = 368,4 km / h. The more streamlined cabin of the Mi-24LL, perhaps, added 5 km / h more speed to it, but in fact: as it was the Mi-24, it remained so, and even more so, when it is launched into the series, it will again go with a two-seater cabin. ... It was the single-seat cockpit that was the reason for the decommissioning of the Ka-50. Then the designers of the cost center vowed to convince the government of V.V. Putin that one pilot in a helicopter is not capable of fighting, although army test pilots in the Chechen war convincingly showed that the Mi-24 is clearly weaker, and the Ka-50 "Black Shark" helicopters are fighting in full:

“The crews from combat units did not know the capabilities of the Ka-50, as well as the peculiarities of piloting coaxial vehicles, and therefore after the first sortie they gave an emotional but accurate assessment:“ This is not a flight, but some kind of fantasy. It is not clear who is covering whom. ' After that R. Sakhabutdinov announced the impossibility of fulfilling the task of covering his crews. " (A word about "Black Shark". June 20, 2006, Red Star)

The future, of course, belongs to the high-speed helicopters Ka-92, Ka-102 and high-speed attack helicopters (PBV) from Sergei Viktorovich Mikheev! And the models of the Mi-X1 with Rachel and + the Mi-24LL helicopter from the unforgettable "Ostap Bender" will continue their "beautiful" life in the museums and drawings of the gene. designer "V.R." N.S. Pavlenko with government "effective" managers - as a reminder of their happy past!

Vitaly Belyaev, especially for

Let's say in chorus our warm "thank you" to Serdyukov for "optimization". And of course, the "benefactor" who appointed him to the position.

totally agree with the author! the future belongs to Kamov's helicopters!

How can you accelerate such a karyag as a helicopter by making it high-speed, but a quartoplane can be accelerated to 700 km / h with the provision of landing like a helicopter.

If the Russian aircraft manufacturers turn on their brains, then an excellent tiltrotor can be obtained, which will solve the problem with centering and increase the speed and range of flight. The solution to these problems lies on the surface and Russia can get excellent tiltrotors for the army.

Everything is much simpler. The leadership of the army aviation in the High Command of the Aerospace Forces has a 20-year-old allergy to helicopters of the Ka family and they "stand to the death." They hide behind a simple argument - the need for unification in order to simplify the operation and retraining of flight personnel. They do not heed the opinion of GLITS (Chkalov) and PPI and PLC (Torzhok), NTsV and JSC Russian Helicopters on quality and operation issues. At one time, competitive tests of the Ka-50 and Mi-28 were carried out .... The last one next to the Ka-50 was "below the plinth." The result is known. Nevertheless, the Mi-8 family has earned its fame for its work. Small and irregular government orders are currently killing both NCV and serial factories. So the Su-57 and other ruinous projects ...

True article. I am not expressing my idea without foundation. All wars Russia - USSR - Russia won not due to the quality of leaders, but due to the number of military personnel. During my service in the Air Force, I flew both on fighters (Mig-21, Su-13) and on Mi-24 helicopters. In Afghanistan, the third crew member was removed - a flight technician after the death of a flight technician during the combat use of the Mi-24 from a stray bullet in 1986 ... With my flight experience (22 flight years), there is no need for two or three crew members with modern database maintenance. One pilot can handle any task. And when an aircraft is knocked out, one pilot has a higher survival rate than 2 - 3 members. But this pattern was not taken into account by the governments and is not taken into account. Not beneficial to someone. I apologize for possible mistakes. Comments are covered with non-retractable advertisements.

1 at the expense of the onboard, ordinary everyday life you stand near the ECB, you were told to fly to the site, refuel and wait for the team there.
Who will prepare the car, pilot?
well, we take the same 8k, put the techies there, and take them. and if you consider that these verts are worn through all of Russia here and there, at least half a year on business trips and all at their own expense. and the flight crew are at least paid extra. techies will be infinitely grateful to you.
The 2nd place of the pilot's position is the most easily identifiable vulnerable element of a combat vehicle in the silhouette of a vert, and if there are 2 of them, this will increase the survivability of the vehicle = crew by at least 1/3. and how you will teach pilots when he is alone, where to put the instructor. Do you have a simulator in every part?
3 watching American films can create the feeling that the vertices are exclusively on ideally clean airfields with asphalt concrete pavement. I will disappoint you verts stand in an open field, on the ground, grass, gravel, sit on gravel. all new verts have engines hanging very low, they happily eat everything that is a little smaller than a cobblestone.
there is no point in criticizing the well-deserved helicopters, poking around with numbers for not yet built and even not designed machines. questions of this nature should be solved by competent and experienced teams. and the tasks should be solved in a comprehensive manner within the framework of the strategies, tactics and realities of military affairs.

ps I didn't want to offend anyone, the site is thematic, I hope for adequate perception and correct criticism.

"The 2nd place of the pilot's position is the most easily identifiable vulnerable element of a combat vehicle in the silhouette of a vert, and if there are 2 of them, this will increase the survivability of the vehicle = crew by at least 1/3. And how will you teach pilots when he is alone, what to do with the instructor. you probably have a simulator in every part? "
Stool! When military pilots, after simultaneous tests of the Ka-50 and Mi-24 in the Chechen war, said that they were simply delighted with the Ka-50 and that they needed this particular combat helicopter, then further discussion should not be subject, as well as from the second pilot. all the more so since he cannot control the helicopter from the navigator's cockpit, the helicopter will not be 1/3 or even 1/10 safer, which you know better than mine! And for training a pilot - today there is a 2-seater Ka-52.

I completely agree with you, Marat. Everyone is at the top of us, like the navel of the earth. What a problem to get down to the ground, to talk to test pilots, military pilots constantly flying, and not sitting in headquarters. And again, this should be done by the president, the rest no, they are "crushed" by the burden of responsibility.

Lord! When will this mess in Russia finally end ?? !! ..


How a couple of days Swan Lake is shown on TV like this and will end

God willing, after September 19, 2021.

Something takes doubts that the author understands helicopters.

I know little about helicopters, but tiltrotors - good!

Until ALL pro-Western (read - agents) officials are expelled from the governing bodies of Russia, Russia will continue to climb from one difficulty into another.

Vitaly belyaev! ... That's what competition means! Yes, he does not prowl when shooting on the course, yes, it is more convenient when landing in the mountains in the wind !!! But let's talk about the main thing! .. About vitality !!! Two screws, a bullet hit, a projectile hit through the screws?!? ... Have you heard anything about a dance with sabers? .. without a tail, then the percentage of landings is possible and planted ... but do you know, dear Vitaly, that somehow helicopters Ka .. (I bow with great respect to Kamov's helicopters and the designer) .. ie. how these helicopters were admitted to commercial production without blades testing for second-hand applications. from small arms and cannon ??? ... all the helicopters were checked. but there are no Kamovskys? .. why? .. yes because, just then, their main problem is that they will not pass the safety test ... but what has Sakhabutdinov to do with it? ... and that there are no pilots like N .Maidanov, A. Dziuba, A. Surtsukov .. have you heard of such?

There is no fundamental difference in the survivability of the propellers, there are different probabilistic characteristics of damageability, and according to the values ​​of these characteristics in the instructions of the Ministry of Defense, they determine the permissible survivability.
Kamov has two propellers and the probability of damage is higher than that of Mil.
But this is in theory and on paper.
Today even handguns are automatic and fast enough to damage one or two propellers.
It is necessary to change the tactics of conducting the database, the helicopter should not enter the firing zone, which is why high-speed machines are being developed.
In this regard, it is necessary to change the criteria for determining the necessary survivability.
But it will put an end to Mile. And corruption has not been canceled, it developed there even before Kamov.
And this road leads us straight to the raw material appendage.

how the helicopter speed and entry into the firing zone relate to each other, the speed changes the time spent in the firing zone, and the time of mutual use of weapons, and does not determine survivability, which is a constructive component.

Dear Vladimir: "We paid special attention to ensuring the safety of the pilot. The cockpit was completely armored using spaced metal plates with a total mass of more than 300 kg. This armor was introduced into the load-bearing structure of the fuselage, which made it possible to reduce weight costs. that the protection of the pilot is guaranteed when 12,7 mm bullets and fragments of 20 mm shells hit the side of the helicopter. "
Dear moderator - it's not me who needs this, but the pilots, especially the young ones, who read your portal. Vitaly


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