Small aircraft Russia
Small aircraft Russia

Small aviation: the hope for the best


Today in Russia there are no more than 10 small aircraft. Many successful people who are tired of hectic city life and endless traffic jams decided to give up their car and fly to their dacha or country house in a personal plane. Many well-known companies also prefer to rent planes. They rent them for business trips and travel. Google's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have leased an entire airport from the United States National Space and Aeronautics Agency. Many Arab sheikhs acquire a luxurious palace, buy a personal small aircraft with a large cinema, a dining room and a meeting room. If you are interested in small aircraft, you can read its news on our portal.


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Large corporations and Russian oligarchs, too, prefer to register and buy their helicopters and aircraft outside the country. This is not surprising, because there they do not have to pay VAT and customs duties, and the level of service favorably.

If you want to buy a private jet, your plans are feasible. According to the laws of our country, you are entitled to get a private pilot certificate in any training and aviation organizations to purchase or lease the aircraft. In the first place it will be interesting to those who are close to the small aircraft, the news of which are posted on our website.

Unfortunately, in our country there is still no small aircraft interiors. domestic technology park is very limited, very small certified airplanes, they are expensive, and the characteristics are inferior to foreign analogues.

Small aircraft 23 Russia

In general, in Russia it is very poorly developed infrastructure and other components of small aircraft, and indeed the regulatory framework is much worse than the world. An obsolete fleet of helicopters and airplanes, the lack of spare parts, crumbling airports, personnel crisis - all these real problems faced by small aircraft, the news of which you will always be able to check with us.

In Europe and the US aircraft small aircraft used in the same way as personal cars. It is enough to get the right to pass a mandatory inspection, check the condition of the air vehicle (gasoline is not fused, the wheels on the ground), buy a card, which will be useful for a future flight, to evaluate meteosituatsiyu, join the aerodrome magazine, turn on the ignition - and more! We have the same situation is not so rosy, but the small aircraft, the news which you have to regularly read, constantly evolving and does not leave us without hope of improvement.

transportation problem, particularly in metropolitan areas, visible to the naked
eye, however, try to solve it in a primitive way. Consider the aviation,
albeit small. What kind of aircraft we have here - and planes
helicopters. And now look at the features and possibilities of their application:
1.Samolёt. Airfield is required, which still need to get, etc.
2.Vertolёt. It takes quite a large landing area, and in addition,
crashing on takeoff and landing, and dust, dirt, rocks, etc.
In one word, "small aircraft" does not solve the problem of a personal vehicle that is within walking distance, does not interfere with family and friends,
neighbors, does not depend on the transport situation and the weather, inexpensive,
easy to maintain.
Remember the movie "The Fifth Element". Here, roughly, what kind of aircraft
human need. Tell me - fantastic! And if not all? I have the
some proposals in this direction, but it turns out they have no one
Then fly through the city on the aircraft and flies to the homes by helicopter!
Good luck !!!

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