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What is the situation in the global aviation?

Global aviation is moving in the right direction and confidently out of the crisis, which happened in the last few years. World airlines increased their passenger and cargo volumes. However, despite the good performance and a positive trend, the situation still leaves much to be desired.


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Statistics show that the demand for passenger and cargo transportation every year only grow, giving the industry a good revenue and good prospects for its development. For aviation characterized by factors that are associated with security and air navigation, which distinguishes it among other users of the radio spectrum.

Modern airliners are able to move at a speed of up to 1 thousand. Km / h. The airspace aircraft separated by such distances, which are overcome in a matter of seconds. Planes fly over long distances, moving between continents. All equipment which is on board must comply with the level of services provided in international airports. Each kilogram of onboard equipment greatly increases fuel consumption. World Aviation is looking for effective ways to address this problem.

  • According to experts the world aviation market is expected to grow at two times in the following years 13.

  • The most dynamic growth will demonstrate single-aisle aircraft (seating more than 100).


In addition, the majority (by value) are in the super-large and wide-bodied aircraft.

  • As far as the Europeans, over the ten years of evolution of the world's companies managed to 1,5 times reduce the load on the environment, due to the transition to a new, more advanced and cost-effective technique.

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Stable operation of the global aviation industry has a positive effect on the development of many high-tech companies, as well as provides the intellectualization of GDP. In addition, the aviation industry and its industry have an important social function, providing high-skilled jobs in research institutes, universities, colleges, engineering offices. The main market segments - aircraft, helicopter, Aircraft Engineering and engine.

The current situation in the aviation world is very different from previous years. And the main reason for this - the regular increase of the requirements for operational and technical characteristics of the aircraft. Constantly innovate, tested new designs and technologies. If you're interested, then follow the news on our portal, be aware of all the events and changes in the industry.