Can I take food on the plane?
Can I take food on the plane?

Can I take food on the plane? What kind of food can be taken on the plane?


Many people are concerned with the question: "Can I take a meal on the plane?", Because often the flight can take more than two hours, and on-board catering is not for everyone, despite the proposed choice.


What kind of food is allowed to take on the plane?


Immediately it is worth noting that the food is allowed to take on board the aircraft. This applies not only to those products that you bought in duty-free shops, but also those who seized the house. And below you will find the detailed list of products that may be carried on board, and the recommendations, these products are properly packaged to undergo rapid screening and ease of use in the airplane.


Many people think about the fact, why do you need to take a meal on the plane, because there, and so well fed. But it is not so simple as it might seem, and the reasons to take a something of familiar food more.

What kind of food can be taken on the plane?

It turns out that not all carriers provide meals to its passengers. If you talk about low-cost budget air travel, there are often practiced flight without power for cost reduction. If we consider that even low cost air travel to Asia and Europe may last long, not counting the time it will be held at the airport, it is understandable that most people want to eat.


Meals on board can not satisfy your tastes, especially if you are traveling on a charter flight. Even the choice of a regular flight can not guarantee that we offered you the choice of food is required to have the taste and quantity is enough, in order to conceal the feeling of hunger.


You can also take a meal on the plane, in order to calm your fear of flying and heights. Favorite food taken with you, not only to satisfy hunger, but also to escape from the bad thoughts and feelings.


What kind of food you can take with you on the plane?


It depends directly from the direction of flight and the requirements of the particular airline. Usually it is forbidden to export food products are having an animal origin: cheese, cottage cheese, meat products, etc. For example, at present these products are completely prohibited for importation in all countries of the European Union. At the same time no matter how you cross the border: by train, car, bus or plane.


However, a ban on certain fall products having specific properties. For example, Thai fruits are known for their disgusting smell (especially durian). Also, in some French airports take certain varieties of blue cheese, which have an unpleasant odor.

What kind of food can be taken on the plane?

Restrictions are also those products which have a jelly-like or paste-like state, and many products are presented in liquid form. These include yogurt, yogurt, sauce, cheese, liquid mass, pâté, jam, jelly, soup, juice, oil, etc. All of these products are made equal to liquids, which have separate requirements. However, drinks on board (coffee, tea, juice, water) flight attendants spread, so there is no sense to drag them along. Although the low cost airlines have to pay for them separately.


Some relief has baby food. It can take on board in the amount of not more than 100 ml, if the child is no longer 2 years. But this does not mean that you can take on board the whole package: only allowed to carry the amount that may be needed to feed the child during the flight.


What of the food is better to take a plane?


Collecting food, we should not forget that it should be exactly light food, devoid of noxious fumes: you do not want to you angrily looked around the passengers, when you have a sandwich with garlic? It is necessary to remember that you can not take a plane foods that quickly deteriorate and alter its original flavor. Moreover, they can cause serious problems with the stomach. Also, do not take food, after which there may be many crumbs and cause flatulence: eggs, cabbage, broccoli, etc.

What kind of food can be taken on the plane? 4545

It is best to take a meal on the plane, rich in protein. First of all, cheese, nuts, chicken and beef. An excellent choice would be foods such as cakes, drying, baking, having no liquid cream, a variety of dried fruits, fruits and vegetables (but not too juicy). However, fruits and vegetables are often allowed to take in the amount that can be eaten during the flight. That is a few kilograms of cucumbers or tomatoes you are unlikely to be allowed to carry.


Can be taken on board canned food, if their volume is not more than 100 ml. The situation is exactly the same with fish caviar - it is allowed, but this product belongs to the category of liquids and should not exceed 100 ml. From food to the plane, you can take salad or regular sandwiches. The main thing is to place them in special transparent containers or transparent plastic bags. This, as a rule, allows to significantly reduce the process of inspection of baggage. 

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