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Civil aviation - it is an important component of transport system of Russia. It is able to connect even the most remote cities of our country. From its smooth and efficient operation depends directly on timely delivery of goods and passengers, regional development and the normal life of the inhabitants of our country. That is why it is so important to regularly read the news of Russian civil aviation.

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As you know, since the formation of the industry it has been more than 90 years. In recent years, the domestic civil aviation is impressive for its great success. Growing economic indicators, the geography of flights. But the most important thing is that every year more and more passengers prefer Russian air carriers.

Today, the industry set ambitious targets for fleet renewal and modernization of airports, the development of major hubs. Yet in the first place, of course, is the safety of passengers. News of Russian civil aviation will always keep you updated on the latest developments in this field.

Civil aviation in the brutal conditions of globalization of the economy is becoming a key element of the integration of our country into the modern system of international economic relations. Aviation can solve social and economic problems and contributes to the quality of life of people, especially in those regions that are completely deprived of land transport.

It's no secret that civil aviation is a complex, extensive system which requires a high level of regulation needed to ensure security and provide better services to passengers.

Prospects for the development and consolidation of the air travel market, without any doubt, due to the consolidation of airlines, making their alliance structuring, increased financial stability and efficiency of airlines. Existing problems in the development of air transport infrastructure significantly increase the limit, slow down the social development and the formation of an effective single economic space. In the current economic conditions of the solution is a priority.


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