Syria News 25 August 2019 year. Israel attacked Syria, Idlib is ready to fall. Video.

Syria News 25 August 2019 year. Israel attacked Syria, Idlib is ready to fall. Video.

The latest news of the fighting in Syria on August 25, 2019

Israeli terror and fakes

The Israeli military again attacked Syria, firing several rockets in the suburbs of Damascus. According to the Israeli side, the warehouses with weapons of pro-Iranian formations were attacked, where unmanned aerial vehicles were purported to attack the territory of Israel.

It is known that the attack, which began shortly before midnight, turned out to be one of the most powerful in recent times, while a video was published according to which a powerful explosion thundered as a result of Israeli rockets.

Nevertheless, as it turned out, the video distributed by Israeli journalists turned out to be fake - it captures the attack carried out by the Israeli military in September 2018.

According to Syrian media, most of Israel’s missiles were shot down by air defense systems, with no attempt to attack Israeli aircraft.

Idlib prepares for SAA attack

VKS aviation continues to actively destroy militants in Idlib. According to the data presented, airstrikes were carried out both at night and in the daytime, and Russian fighters not only launched bombing missiles at the positions of the militants, but also covered the Syrian aircraft, which proved to be very vulnerable to the Turkish Air Force.



According to analysts, in the near future the assault on the village of Maarrat-en-Nuuman will begin, as aviation strikes on the approaches to it. However, a video published on the Web indicates the fact that the terrorists have already managed to retreat from these positions and may try to counterattack Aleppo.

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