Hunt for the Unicorn (1989).
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Hunt for the Unicorn (1989).

Охота на unicorn (1989).


  • The country - the Soviet Union.
  • Starring: Sergei Bystrytsky, Vitaly Zikora, Victor Solovyev Vladimir Zavyalov Yury Lazarev, Vitaly Yakovlev, Gediminas Girdvainis Valentin Kadochnikov, Algis Matulionis Victor Rybczynski.
  • Director - Vladimir Laptev

The action takes place during the war, in full swing. Teslenko is a flight school graduate. He serves as a wingman for squadron commander Grabar. At the first need, flies with him to his destination.  

Hunt for the Unicorn (1989). Trailer, reviews, photos.


Suddenly, during one of his missions, they shoot them down and they find themselves in the camp of the German airfield. They note that in the camp is very much the Soviet pilots, who with limited reserves of fuel serve as targets for the German flight school cadets. Seeing the situation, the residents of the camp immediately took them to his prisoner.

Hunt for the Unicorn (1989). Trailer, reviews, photos.


The commander and a graduate of the Germans came, they had no way to escape, they pondered various options. And Teslenko somehow managed to escape, if he had not seen, he would be able to save not only themselves, but also a few prisoners. When he has got to the location of Soviet troops, he was arrested and then convicted on 58 article.

Hunt for the Unicorn (1989). Trailer, reviews, photos.


Easy film touches. In the scenes there is nothing superfluous or events that do not make sense or phrases and actions, there is no pathos or prohibitively heroic images.

The most that neither is the truth of life. The film addresses the problems not only of the war, but also of human injustice. While viewing the film, you begin to empathize with the heroes in some moments of the film, even the German colonel.

The film has the sincerity, simplicity and realism. "Hunt for the Unicorn" - a film in which there is a soul.


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