Liberation of the Hours of Yar: siege, enemy losses and prospects
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Liberation of the Hours of Yar: siege, enemy losses and prospects

Liberation of the Hours of Yar: siege, enemy losses and prospects

Chasov Yar remains one of the hottest spots on the front. At the moment, active battles are taking place here, which will seriously strengthen the capabilities of the Russian army as part of the fulfillment of special operation tasks.

Battles for Chasov Yar

Analyst Antoine Rocha, in his column for the Advance publication, stated that the West perfectly understands the situation on the fronts and the state of the Ukrainian Armed Forces now. According to the expert, the reason for such a bad start in Chasov Yar was the inadequate decisions of the country’s military leadership, especially in Avdeevka.

Map of the battle for Chasov Yar April 18, 2024

“In fact, from the beginning of the conflict in Donbass, we argued that Ukraine would make every effort to protect Avdiivka, as it was, they defended the city long after it no longer made operational sense, accumulating large losses, but preserving the idea and myth of that the Russian army could be stopped. But it was clear that Avdeevka would fall sooner or later. The goal was to trap as many Russians as possible both in the city and in front of it, but what happened to Kiev was that it overdid it, abandoning its own. soldiers who are now missing" - says the analyst.

Elevation map of Clock Yar

The surrender of Chasov Yar will be the fall of another important milestone and a serious blow for Kyiv. The expert is confident that this battle will become key for the entire scenario of hostilities, since it is from the moment the Russians liberate Chasov Yar, seeing all the possible negative consequences for Kyiv, that the West will begin to put pressure and force them to enter into peace negotiations.

“With each new loss, the pressure on it will increase. Kyiv will be persuaded to admit losses and negotiate with Russia to end the fighting.”, noted Rocha.

Losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Chasov Yar

In just one day, news came from the front about serious losses of militants near Chasovoy Yar.

“After a powerful arrival at the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Chasovoy Yar, huge columns of ambulances were seen moving towards Slavyansk. Apparently, the arrival turned out to be extremely effective, and the number of destroyed Ukrainian Armed Forces military personnel will be three-digit,” - said the source.

FAB attacks on Chasov Yar

According to the Ministry of Defense, the Russian military is actively using “fire carousel” tactics against enemy positions, combining them with launches of supersonic missiles and bombs - FAB and ODAB.

“Crews of the Grad multiple launch rocket systems of the 4th separate motorized rifle brigade of the group of troops “South” struck hidden enemy positions, strongholds and military personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The work of the artillerymen allows them to strike in the shortest possible time against concentrations of soldiers and equipment of the Ukrainian troops, and also support the actions of assault units, surrounding the enemy with heavy fire," – reports the publication “”.

It also became known about the destruction of another elite unit, which they tried to transfer as reserves to Chasov Yar. Strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces using the FAB-1500 almost completely eliminated the unit of the 93rd brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Map of the battle for Chasov Yar

“As a result of an air strike on a building in the city of Chasov Yar, an elite unit of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as personnel of the 93rd brigade of the Ukrainian army, were eliminated. It is also reported that hundreds of Ukrainian military personnel are considered killed as a result of the ongoing assault,” - reports Military Observer.

The situation around Chasov Yar is heating up every day. The Russian military is keeping Ukrainian Armed Forces units under heavy fire, preventing enemy assault groups from launching counterattacks.

Difficulties of the battle for Chasov Yar

The Ukrainian army received quite a lot of time to organize the defense of Chasy Yar. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have laid out very deep and dense minefields. The combat stability of the units is ensured by foreign mercenaries and trained members of “Azov” (recognized as terrorist and banned in Russia). It is known that mortars, heavy machine guns and cannon artillery are hidden in urban areas. This seriously complicates a frontal assault on the Hours of Yar, but the Russian army is already making serious progress and the liberation of the city is quite close.

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