Civil Aviation Shoulder straps
Civil Aviation Shoulder straps

Civil Aviation Shoulder straps



Shoulder straps - a distinctive sign, which is always present on the shoulders of any pilot. Actually, the shoulder straps are virtually all who work in the field of aviation, but for each position, title, type of activity they own.

Shoulder signs are attached and removable. Sew-ons should be worn on overcoats and uniform coats, detachable - on a shirt, jacket. Shoulder straps not only indicate the position or title: shoulder straps are a pride for their owner. Paraphrasing the well-known army wisdom, one could say: a bad pilot who does not want to see an attribute with four stripes on his shirt. It is the four lanes that adorn the shoulders of aircraft commanders. 


Civil Aviation Shoulder straps

Civil Aviation Shoulder straps


Civil Aviation Shoulder straps can display the position, proficiency, experience holder and so on.

"Insignias" (braid) of golden ribbons indicate that before you - a representative of a flight or a control composition. Silver color distinguishes epaulets ground personnel of civil aviation.

Flight attendants wear uniforms with two stripes, three stripes are present on the shoulder decals navigators, and four that have already noted, it is - the privilege of commanding aircraft crews.

Shoulder straps are made of Civil Aviation of the basic black fabric and decorated with ribbon (gold or silver). Shoulder straps made in the form of a rectangle with rounded upper side (the one that is closer to the collar). Standard dimensions of the shoulder straps sewn-civil aviation - on 70 110 mm, the size of the removable shoulder strap is on the 55 135 mm. Shoulder straps can be worn on the sweater.


Civil Aviation shoulder straps 343

Civil Aviation Shoulder straps


Shoulder straps for those who are just learning to have the same size as that of the flight crew, but the braids are made of PVC film. The letter "K" in the pursuit means that before you cadet flying school.

On the shoulder straps may be present emblem of civil aviation golden brown. Shoulder straps of Civil Aviation - just one of the insignia by which you can determine the status and position of the one who is before you.

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