The Enhance skill Aeroflot stewardesses
The Enhance skill Aeroflot stewardesses

The Enhance skill Aeroflot stewardesses



 - You talked a lot about the Singapore school and about how our flight attendants were taken there. Does any school exist? training stewardess?


Of course, we have our own school, where the girls are regularly trained. In addition, if the flight attendant got remark - she re-read the relevant exchange rate. These lectures are held in a non-working day. For example on Saturday.


 But we are not primers. When I fly, I always sit in the cabin and watch what is being done on board. The stewardess can wear shoes with a heel slightly larger than the approved size. I had a case when I flew, and the stewardess was dressed not in uniform. She had a white blouse. But she worked great, tried. It turned out that before the flight she just knocked something over the uniform. Happenes. I asked to thank her because one passenger behaved very inadequately. And the way the stewardess spoke to her, withstood all the rules - above all praise. It happens with us that passengers, especially in business class, behave a little untied. I was pleased that our stewardess without rudeness was able to calm that passenger down.



 - Tell me, is there any scheme by which you send flight attendants to complete their education to the west. Or Singapore experience was a one-time?


Singapore experience helped us a lot. We redrew almost all of our governing documents and thus significantly improved the standards for flight attendants. We also got 8 instructors who have the appropriate certificates and now can teach us. I am pleased with the fact that "Aeroflot" very serious and qualified structure.


 And you know, when order began to be established here, the majority welcomed it. Everyone missed the order. After all, everyone wants everything to be clear, by the hour and without delay. And at the moment we have become the most punctual airline of Russia. We canceled all flight delays. Only the CEO, that is, I can delay the flight, and I have only 15 minutes to solve. This is the time that the pilot can catch up in the air. We are not waiting for anyone. No great artists, no great governors. We have taught that for us the most important thing is our passengers.


We had stories. For example, in 2009, we could not take off from Sheremetyevo, because it is very well-known people on board were inebriated, demanded more vodka and did not allow the crew to fly. But they were so high rank, the commander of the aircraft asked for my decision. I said, "planted in them." It was the first signal to the flight crews that the CEO is not framed.


 We had a different situation when three people from a respected investigative committee were rude and were not allowed to take off from St. Petersburg. We did not take off until they were reassured. As a result, two of them were dismissed, and the third was reprimanded.


Therefore, the crews, our people are no longer afraid of either the governors or the great artists. For our crews all are equal and the plane will not wait for anyone. I personally have never been late for a flight. And I assure you even, being late for the flight, I would let the plane go. The plane can not be held at all. He must have time to return. All of them are in a single turn. Otherwise, we just beat the schedule. 

General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Saveliev Vitaly Gennadievich.

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