aviation Holidays
Air Holidays. Congratulations on the Day of Aviation.

Air Holidays. Congratulations on the Day of Aviation.

Work in the air is associated with daily risk, heavy loads and stress for the whole body. The profession of heroes, it is respected, admired, sought for it, it is worthy of awards and generous, loud holidays and congratulations from the demos aviation. Aviation holidays are those days in which you simply have to congratulate your friends and relatives working in this field. About Holidays Aviation и congratulations on the day of aviation read below.

If the heavens parted for you

So you - wizards winged,

And the wondrous expanses spread out,

And soar, from dawn to dusk you.

Daily life trust

Hundreds of thousands more people

You heart and soul of all entrust,

That carried them away quickly!

Take care of them, take care and keep,

Party to the trouble spared,

On the wings move,

We pray for you always!

All Aviation holidays:

Of course, such a large-scale multi-faceted profession associated with the daily risk is not a date to celebrate.

  • The success of aviation on an international scale could not be unnoticed. In 1992, the UN General Assembly established the International Civil Aviation Day celebration, which has since been celebrated on December 7.
  • 9 February - the day of the Russian civil aviation
  • December 23 - Long-Range Aviation Day
  • June 1 - Day of the Military Transport Aviation
  • July 17 - Naval Aviation Day
  • August 12 - Day of the Russian Air Force
  • 3 Sunday Resurrection - Air Fleet Day.
  • And of course, each 13 numbers each month, as if the fate of the incision, the celestial warriors celebrate their prosperous, countless landing.

Holidays Aviation


Air Fleet Great Holiday

Its among the many we allocate.

And he gathered up in the hearts of many different

About the exploits of someone we do not know.

Heroes, quickly poised far into the heavens,

At the risk of daily life for you

Whose infinitely continuous strip,

Both take-off and own.

Civil or military,

We honor you each and congratulations,

Immortals, steel and permanent,

We will from all over the world wish to:

Take off ... fly ... fly ...

Always, at any time of the year,

To the angel could give his defense,

And on sunny days and in bad weather!

How to congratulate the pilot?

If a person close to you has connected his life with the heavens and such a special profession as a pilot, then one should congratulate in a special way. Choose beautiful words reflecting the essence of the profession, create an unforgettable surroundings and, of course, interesting gifts.


What gives man wings?

To soar into the sky endlessly

How the top pieces of the planet's small,

And it is not visible to men.

You soar up, you soar up,

Every day, keeping a hand on the pulse

Responsible for life, responsible for all

So, beautifully floating above the ground, and circling!

We wish you health, strength and patience,

We hope the weather is always good

Let fly with you good luck, luck,

A non-flying hours never happen!

Congratulations on the Day of Aviation

Probably the most magnificent feeling of a holiday for pilots is to stay at home with the family, so you should not offer trips to restaurants or other places. A holiday should be family, if, of course, it is no longer corporate.

Fly pilot, fly, soar

Whether daily above all,

And throw all their forces,

On landing without interference!

And on the sides you fly

Let your Angels

And they are looking for you,

Until, to the ground!

Making a holiday at home.

Order a cake in the form of a steering wheel or uniform cap, you can arrange lunch, as in the plane, serve all the dishes on the spreads and in disposable packaging, but, of course, only homemade. Or prepare them in the form of a plane, emblems and other flight paraphernalia, give interesting names associated with this profession. For example, invent cocktails and call them in an original way, “Take-off strip”, “Zone of turbulence” or “Seven thousand above the ground”. To make salads and also call them “Chassis”, “Wheel”, “Gangway” (for the color palette we use black olives, brown nuts, purple onions and cabbage). Hot spread on a platter in the form of an airplane or airline emblem.

In the apartment hang small paper airplanes, balloons and other trifles associated with the air.

Congratulations Aviation 343Corporate.

Invitation to the banquet in the form of tickets. The attendants of your banquet should change into the uniform of the company that is celebrating, handing out take-off sweets at the entrance. Room arrange balloons with the emblems of the airline to choose the appropriate music, periodically diluting it with ads sounding in airplanes and airports.

Chairs can mimic the similarity of aircraft seats, for example, equip head restraints or seat belts. Dishes can be served in disposable containers, foil or simply reflect the specialized topics.

The event itself is organized in the form of a flight, an exotic trip, an exam for employees of the air industry, an unplanned landing. In retro style, for example, “Flight 60 - e”, and maybe, on the contrary, “Heaven, 3100 year” and so on.


It is very hard to surprise a person who has seen many times more than you, but you still have to try. One of the options is to approach the issue with humor and give him a ticket for a train, bus or sea vessel for any tour of cities, countries of Europe. Present a model airplane, cufflinks or cigarette case with symbolism, nominal watch, comfortable leather chair, as in the cockpit.

Of course, these are exclusively themed gifts and holiday nuances, you can choose topics that are completely unrelated to the flight business.

Lines congratulations.

Pilots, flight attendants and flight attendants! Every third person in the world, at least once trusted you with their lives and the lives of their loved ones. And you, at the highest level, cope with this task millions of times. And all because you do not have any professionalism, no courage, no courage, no dedication. With all my heart, on your holiday, we want to wish, the most important thing - health! After all, only it gives you the opportunity to soar into the heavens, and we can be in safe hands. Incredible luck, on which our destinies also depend on you. Cloudless sky, vast expanses, the strongest guardian angels and thousands of flying hours ahead! Happy holiday, heavenly employees of the flight industry!


December 7 International Civil Aviation Day!

And what about the day of aviation and cosmonautics in April?