Tracking Devices for want installed on all commercial aircraft

Tracking Devices for want installed on all commercial aircraft


InmarsatThe company hails from the British Isles Inmarsat made an offer to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to establish a free aircraft equipment to track the movement of aircraft.

This proposal was born as a result of a search for the disappeared 8 of Malaysia Airlines in March. Then on the plane was 239 people. Currently, the aircraft has not yet been found, and according to the head of the search company can last more than a year.  

Guide Inmarsat believes that thanks to the latest method of tracking can be accurately determine the location of the aircraft.

To accomplish this task, it is planned to use GPS signals that will be transmitted to satellites every 15 minutes, along with data characterizing altitude, speed, and direction of flight. 

A company spokesman said that this equipment is already installed on more than 90% wide-body aircraft. This solution does not require the carrying of other add. costs for air carriers. It is these costs that are the main reason why airlines are not in a hurry with the introduction of space communications, so that they can supervise their aircraft. This decision is supported by both ICAO and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). 


Inmarsat surveillance

Of course, this decision will positively affect the safety of air transport. Now it will be possible to carry out almost constant supervision of the aircraft, and in the event of an accident immediately sent rescue teams to the scene.

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