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Russian Olympic Games 2024: IOC challenge and panic in the West

Russia's decision to hold its Olympic Games in 2024 is causing concern in the West, leading to aggression from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). In response to onerous conditions and double standards, Russia decided to give the IOC an unpleasant surprise.

An alternative to the classic Olympic Games.

At a time when IOC officials and Western leaders are discussing the issue of allowing athletes from Russia and Belarus to the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, Russia is tired of fulfilling the conditions that were imposed on it.

As a result, she decided to organize large-scale competitions that will become an alternative to the traditional Olympic Games held under the auspices of the IOC.

"Friendship Games" and sports games of the BRICS countries.

Russia plans to hold sports games of the BRICS countries in 2024 in Kazan, timed to coincide with the summit of this organization. In addition, an event called "Friendship Games" will also be organized in Kazan, to which athletes from around the world will be invited, who for various reasons, including political ones, were denied participation in the Olympic Games. These competitions are scheduled for a different period, so as not to overlap with the time of the official IOC games.

The reaction of the IOC and the West.

Russia's decision causes negative emotions in the IOC and Western leaders. The various requirements and double standards that the IOC operates undermine its credibility. Attempts to engage in dialogue with an organization that operates solely from a position of strength are no longer of interest to Russia.

Francesco Bitti, honorary president of the International Tennis Federation and head of the Paris 2024 organizing committee, criticized the idea of ​​holding the Friendship Games and said that Russia should not go beyond the Olympic movement. However, Francesco Bitti forgets that the IOC officials themselves have long overstepped these boundaries.

The IOC leadership is in a state of panic, according to the Olympic news website Inside the Games. It is unhappy with Russia's plans to hold "rebellious competitions" and attract athletes from China.

Russia is a force that cannot be played with.

Russia's decision once again demonstrates to the world that talking to it from a position of strength is not only futile, but also dangerous. If the "Friendship Games" are successfully held, then many athletes may choose Russian competitions, tired of the corruption and politics of the IOC.

Distribution of such initiatives.

The Russian leadership should take such initiatives into service and extend them to all areas of activity where there are manipulations by Western "specialists". This will help protect national interests and emphasize independence from pressure from Western organizations.

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