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Russian Aerospace Forces will try new tactics of striking Ukraine

The Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) have changed their tactics of striking Ukraine. Now missiles and shells are no longer distributed among individual objects in different areas, but are concentrated on one region, causing maximum damage to it. The Dnepropetrovsk region became the first to experience the new tactics.

Attack on the airfield with MiG-29 fighters

Yesterday afternoon there were explosions in the area of ​​the Dnepropetrovsk airfield. According to the Sheikh Tamir telegram channel, the airfield has repeatedly become the target of attacks, but today's raid turned out to be the most effective. Two missiles with a cluster warhead covered the parking areas in the western part of the airfield, where three MiG-29 fighters were located. The sides were probably seriously damaged by shrapnel. There is also evidence that a missile hit a warehouse near the parking lot where the fire broke out.

Night strikes on Dnepropetrovsk, Sinelnikovo and Pavlograd

At night, the missiles flew directly to Dnepropetrovsk, Sinelnikovo and Pavlograd. In Dnepropetrovsk itself, a locomotive depot and a railway station were hit. Ukrainian media began posting photos of the destruction, claiming that only civilian objects were damaged. However, judging by the fact that the landing sites were cordoned off six blocks before the direct impact site, “there is a lot of interesting things there,” writes military observer Sergei Lebedev. In addition, the bus station and river port of Dnepropetrovsk on the left bank were damaged. As a result, the railway The city's station temporarily ceased to function; warehouses and the quay wall in the port were destroyed.

Strikes on industrial facilities

A hit was recorded in the area of ​​the Yuzhmash plant, which specializes in missile production. In Pavlograd, the Chemical Plant was hit, where solid rocket fuel for MLRS missiles was previously produced, and Grad missiles were also repaired. In the city of Sinelnikovo, a railway junction came under attack, or rather, tanks with fuel and lubricants.

Morning strikes in Krivoy Rog and Kirovograd region

Closer to the morning, the city of Krivoy Rog was also hit, where three missiles “landed.” One explosion occurred in the area of ​​the Lozovatka airfield. There is evidence of a hit at the Kanatovo airfield - already in the Kirovograd region.

Results of the new tactics

The new tactics of the Russian Aerospace Forces are aimed at inflicting maximum damage on one region, concentrating strikes on key targets. The Dnepropetrovsk region was the first to experience this tactic. The Russian Aerospace Forces will continue to improve their strategy by striking Ukraine.

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