Rila Technical Aviation College
Rila Technical Aviation College

Rila Technical Aviation College



Rylsk Aviation College of the special services of civil air fleet created in August 1960, on the housing stock and the training base of the disbanded 139 school junior aviation specialists (ShMAS), which produced for the Ministry of Defence training flight radiotelephone operators.

By the decree number 165 of the Ministry of Civil Aviation dated 16.08.1974, the educational institution was renamed into the "Rylsk Technical Aviation School of Civil Aviation". Since 1991, the only educational institution of special air transport services in Russia has been transformed into the Rylsk Technical Aviation College of Civil Aviation. 

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The college currently has a license to study economics, but 

there is no financial and economic department.

Five Branches:

-Transportation radio equipment,

-radioelektronnoe and aviation equipment of aircraft,

-vychislitelno-electronic machines,



College conducts educational activities in four specialties, and four specializations.

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Contact Information:

Location address: st. Dzerzhinsky, 18, Rylsk, Kursk region, 307370, Russian Federation.

Director: Yuri Alekseevich Budykin, 

Phone: (4715) 221655

Official site: http: //aviacollege.rf/ or

E-mail address: [email protected]

College conducts educational activities in such educational programs of vocational secondary education:

Form of study: correspondence, full-time.

210420 - Technician (Technical operation of transport radio-electronic equipment);

210420.01 - Technician (Technical operation of radio-technical traffic management systems in the air);

210420.02 - Technician (Technical operation of radio communications equipment and means of communication for organizing traffic in the air);

210420.03 - Technician (Technical Maintenance on aircraft avionics);

210420.04 - Technician (Technical operation of air traffic information control systems);

230113 - technician (complexes and computer systems);

140448 - Service and maintenance of electromechanical and electrical equipment

Full-time form of education

162108 - Technician (Technical maintenance of flight-navigation complexes and electrified).

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Program additional education:

Increased training in the basic profile of professional college education programs;

Professional retraining under the occupational profile of the major college educational programs;

Using a personal computer;

Preparation for admission to colleges.

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