Plane Abramovich
Plane Abramovich

Plane Abramovich

Well-known Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich owns several private planes, including Boeing 767-300ER, BBJ and Airbus A380.

The first purchase Abramovich - jet Boeing Business Jet, whose tail number P4-GJC. He allowed himself the luxury of after he was elected governor of Chukotka.

Next plane - «Boeing» 767-33A / ER (P4-MES board room), which was originally intended for Hawaiian Airlines, but the order was canceled. Abramovich bought it in 2004 year. After the purchase of the aircraft was converted and registered in Aruba. Today, he is based in the UK Stansted Airport. Experts estimate the cost at $ 104 million.

5 September 2007, the information appeared that the tycoon had bought the world's largest passenger aircraft Airbus storey A380. According to the plan it should be delivered to the rightful owner in 2011 year.

The aircraft cost billionaire and governor of the Chukotka region in 300 million $. The purchase of the world's largest airliner Russian oligarch made at the last show in Le Bourget. According to unofficial information, interest in buying the aircraft were also the Sultan of Brunei and the Emir of Qatar.

The interior of Airbus A380 provider engaged in repair and maintenance - known company Lufthansa Technik.

But whatever it was, as soon as information was received about the purchase of the aircraft in the newspaper Le Figaro, the oligarch officials denied the information about buying.

On the one hand, the purchase of Airbus A380 Abramovich may be a simple PR. For example, when it was reported that he was going to build a Cyprus settlement of 30 million dollars, a spokesman for Millhouse, John Mann (responsible for Abramovich's assets), said: "This information caused by the desire to free propiarit some regions by using the name of the well-known figures." In today's highly competitive with Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane is not exactly prevent excess advertising.

On the other hand, the Airbus aircraft A380 is not the first toy Russian oligarch, if we take into account his entire fleet, as well as the purchase of debt-ridden football club "Chelsea" for 100 million euros. One of its most modest of toys is a yacht Pelorus (115 meters) of 72 million euros.

Known and his great love for ancient castles. It was reported that Abramovich was interested in the Austrian castle on the shores of Lake Atter - Waldschloessl Burgau. He also partially legalized part of its real estate in London. It turns out that in the capital of England, he owns six flats "luxury" class and the house in a prestigious area of ​​3,9 million pounds.

Bought or not Roman Abramovich A380 Airbus aircraft? This information, in spite of all the rumors and denials, no one owns. We can not exclude the fact that the oligarch still makes this great purchase to alter the aircraft flying under his own palace, but it does not advertise it wants.

Around A380 walking and other rumors. Even before the air show was the information in Le Bourget that Airbus A380 ordered the head of the state, located in the Middle East, but his name was not disclosed. The largest aircraft in the world supposedly is to be his residence air.

But the official information about this plane is amazing. He became the main luxury-object. The first airline that sold tickets to it was Singapore Airlines. She managed to turn the first flight into a high-profile event. Tickets for sale were auctioned on eBay. It was the most expensive and comfortable flight in the history of all civil aviation, which fell on the autumn 2007 of the year. The cost of a ticket for a flight in the direction of Singapore - Sydney was at the 250 auction thousand dollars. Passengers for this money were placed in luxury cabins, where they felt the superiority over the first class. All the money earned for the first flight went to charity. 

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