The aircraft weighing less than a gram?
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The aircraft weighing less than a gram?

The aircraft weighing less than a gram?


  Is the plane weighing less than a gram? Is this possible? You know, maybe! While surfing the Internet, the author of these lines, several times came across the mention of a remotely controlled aircraft weighing less than a gram! Of course, I knew that progress does not stand still, and it is simply impossible to keep track of all the innovations of modern technologies, but it turned out that this device was created by hand, by an enthusiast!

  In the times, still the USSR, there was a great expanse for young (and not so) technicians. Then there were also UT stations, all kinds of schools, circles, studios and the House of Pioneers. At the service of inquisitive inventors and technicians were monthly magazines: "Young Technician" (with an appendix in which there were drawings), "Model-Designer", with practical advice on various issues of technology. There were similar magazines in the countries of social. camps

  And to be honest, with the current universal availability of everything and everything, when everything can be bought ready-made, I didn’t think that someone would have the idea to do something himself! Yes, and what!

  And now, imagine in your palm an airplane weighing less than one gram, with a wingspan of about 10 cm, on electric, and even with two, three-channel remote control! And this airplane is assembled, practically from improvised, more precisely, “pasture” materials! Well, plus, of course, savvy, and jewelry work. 

  What hindered the improvement of any autonomous electromechanisms? That's right - the power source! All batteries were heavy, quickly discharged and had a small efficiency. But here, on this front, there is a constant work on the improvement of independent sources of electricity. And the lithium-ion batteries were replaced by lithium-polymer (Li-Pol). They are light, miniature, slowly discharged (the so-called self-discharge), have a small voltage drop as they discharge. 

  But even now, unfortunately, the weight of the power source itself, for a microplane, is about 50% of the total mass. The remaining parts of the aircraft are simply amazing with their data. Sizes and weight. So, for example, an engine with a screw, hand-made, weighs only 0,1gr.! And they are about 1 in size. less sunflower seeds! Airplane glider, weighs 0,15gr. And there is also a receiver and transmitter on it. And such devices as actuator and programmer

  The main parts of the micromodel are made by hand. The screw is made of the thinnest fiberglass layer from the printed circuit board. The engine is assembled entirely by hand, and requires special care. The actuator is a device for rotating the stabilizer, and is assembled from parts of ordinary, wrist, quartz watches, an optical drive system, and a micromotor with gears. For the rest of the parts, you will also need patience, perseverance, and accuracy. But when there is an intolerable desire to create yourself, a completely unique, piece, micro-plane, can this be an obstacle?

  But if you make the plane a little larger, you can equip it with a video camera! What a space for creativity! Dare!


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