How much time to go to Anapa Airport
How much time to go to Anapa Airport

How much time to go to Anapa airport: location, distance



Once a tourist goes to the square in front of the airport, to him immediately rush taxi drivers with offers travel services in the city. Is access to the city from the airport is so difficult, as they claim? Let's understand this.

If you are going to rest in Anapa yourself, do not be lazy to explore all possible routes from the airport to the city center.

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There are several options of how to get from the airport to Anapa. To save time, rather just go for service to the authorized carrier "Air Taxi". Place an order for a car taxi at a special counter at the airport, you will pay for a trip to Anapa about 600 rubles.

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If the value of the official taxi does not suit you, you can sit in the car for private taxi driver. They are usually called the price of up to 300 500 rubles, and with them you can always bargain.

To get to the city center and can be rented car. To do this, you need to go on the highway M 25. During the summer, every hour in the direction of the bus goes. In winter, it carries out only one flight per day.

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Transfer to the guesthouse / hotel

The most preferred option for tourists arriving by plane to Anapa - book in advance to a travel agency shuttle service to the hotel, where the purchased voucher.

Representatives of many hotels and resorts are ready to welcome our guests at the airport. You do not have to waste your time waiting for the machine or worry about not find the right address. Transfer to the airport and back can be provided on a paid basis at a price or a taxi for free.

If the owners of the future place of residence are not ready to provide such a service to you, it remains to consider a few more options on how to get to Anapa. 

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Taxis at the airport

The simplest solution in the choice of transport for the guests of Anapa - a taxi. That's just to be ready for extortion, deception and rudeness on the part of the taxi drivers, private traders. In reality, is it that they say one price on the road, and at the end of a trip called completely different. To avoid this, you can order the official car of urban services. For half an hour until you solve problems with getting luggage, your taxi is just time to get from the city to the airport.

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Buses to the airport

If you do not want to part with a large sum already immediately upon arrival at the resort, then passing the baggage claim areas and arrival, literally in 30 meters you will come to the site of minibuses. They go on a schedule every hour. In the direction of "Airport - Anapa" and goes back to the minibus №113.

Departure - at 7:30, 8:30, etc. at intervals of one hour until 19:30. The bus fare is 50 rubles. Usually, the flights are operated by small buses with a capacity of up to 20-30 people, which safely take the arriving tourists to the bus station in Anapa.

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As you can see, to get to Anapa Airport is easy and from there go to Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik and other resort towns.