How much time to go to the airport in Sochi (Adler)
How much time to go to the airport in Sochi (Adler)

How much time to go to the airport in Sochi (Adler) location



Sochi Airport is 30 km from the city center, can be reached there on a personal, leased or public transport. Consider how you can get to the airport from the city of Sochi, Adler, and to make a transfer in the opposite direction.

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How to get to Sochi from Adler airport?

After descending from the aircraft and receiving the baggage, look for the place where the bus stop number XXUMX, route taxi number XXUMX, or a taxi. Minibuses and buses, according to the schedule, run at intervals of every half hour, from 105: 105 to 6: 00. In fact, they ply more often, since this route is served by several transport companies. 

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What is better to choose a bus for the trip?

Getting to the resort town of Adler from the airport to the train / railway station? Usually advised to use the shuttle №124, the fare which is only 15 rubles. However, if one considers that bus go to the city on the overpass, its passengers will have to move after a busy roadway that quite uncomfortable (if you are traveling with things) and dangerous.

It is better to choose a bus or minibus №51 traveling to Adler, under the overpass, they are developed and sent to the center. Stop is on the part of the station building, which is much more convenient. By the way, w / w station and buses to Sochi.

The price of the ticket on the bus from the airport to the center of Sochi is from 50 70 to rubles at the village Adler - 15 rubles.

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The second option is to drive from the airport of Adler Sochi - the railroad.

At the present time between the airport and the city did not ply high-speed trains "Aeroexpress". The only way to get to Adler by rail - to get into the train "Swallow". The fare there is 72 ruble, the day she performs several flights. Time on the road takes about an hour, and the train makes stops at resorts Matseste and Khost.


How to get from the airport to the city by taxi?

On average a taxi to Sochi from aroportu Adler is 800 rubles, the resort village - from 80 rubles. A more modern version - arrange a shuttle service. To avoid problems with things and children in a public place, it is more convenient to book a car in advance via the Internet, the driver will meet you at the airport and transfer to your destination. The cost of the trip in a rented car with driver starts at 1100 rubles for transfer.

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How to reach Adler airport of Sochi?

After the holidays you may be concerned about the question of how to get from the village to the nearby resort of Adler airport. Find trucks for the trip to the resort in the aviation hub with well-developed transport network is not difficult, but to get to the recreational facilities - a task much more difficult. To get from the resort to the airport by bus, taxi or rental car.



Bus from Sochi

Buses in the direction of Adler airport run from each resort (Khosta, Tuapse, Lazarevskoye, Loo, Krasnaya Polyana, etc.) every day from morning to evening. You need to look for buses running on routes No. 135, 13, 130, 124, 51. The cost of a ticket for them is 15 rubles, a route taxi is more expensive - 20 rubles. The numbers of minibuses plying in the direction of the airport are 144, 124, 105, 51.

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A trip on a rented car

The fastest option to get to the airport - rent a car. From the center of Sochi should go in a southeasterly direction along the avenue Resort, then turn on the highway Sumy.

Sometimes cheap and convenient to go to the airport or Sochi on passing cars, find travel today can in advance online.

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