Nasnas Mk.1 - unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, which was engaged in the development of the Tunisian firm Tunisia Aero Technologies sarl (TAT). Work on the creation of the UAV began in February 1998 years. And in August of 1998-he performed his first flight. UAV reconnaissance equipment presented a movie camera with autofocus and high-resolution thermal imaging camera or television. Also, as the payload can be used various types of farm machinery.

The prototype was installed Nasnas piston engine 25 hp Canadian production. The production model has received in equipment Injection two-stroke engine capacity of 22 hp Launching UAV made from a catapult or a poorly prepared runways. Potential customers - Mapping Center Tunisia National Television, the Ministry of Agriculture, Land Forces. On the basis of Nasnas Mk.1 being developed UAVs Super Nasnas, which has increased cruising speed and large wingspan.

TAT NASNAS. Characteristics:


Modification   Nasnas Mk.I
Wingspan, m   3.80
Length m   2.80
Height, m   1.30
Wing area, m2   2.05
Weight, kg  
  empty   43
  maximum take-off   125
Fuel l   48
engine's type   1 AP
Thrust, kgf   X 1 22
Cruising speed, km / h   130
Minimum speed, km / h   45
Flight duration, h   13
Practical ceiling, m   5000


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