Torpedo (1983).
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Torpedo (1983).

Torpedo (1983).


  • Genre: war drama

  • Country: USSR

  • Duration: 96 min.

  • Director: Simon Aranovich

  • Starring: Rodion Nakhapetov, Alexey Zharkov Andrey Boltnev Stanislav Sadalsky, Tatyana Kravchenko, Glagoleva Faith, Hope Lukashevich.


Torpedo (1983) .1


The film is about the Red Banner Northern Fleet, namely its pilots. Events taking place in the year 1944 naval aviation airport. Officers every day experiencing their fate, flying out to the open sea on spets.zadaniya. At this time they are waiting for the children, wife, parents and friends who every day experience for them.

Torpedo (1983) .2


In one of the reconnaissance flights, information was confirmed on the approach of the German convoy, which made it necessary to raise the entire regiment by order. There was information that fascist troops were raised along the whole coast. The Russian squadron needs to accept fierce resistance, as a result of which an entire crew led by Lieutenant Colonel Fomenko dies in battle. 

Torpedo (1983) .3


Alexander Belobrov, who had previously served here, but was very seriously wounded and was forced to undergo treatment, comes to the aid of the crew. Soon he learns that his bride married Plotnikov, who flew on a mission in the crew of Fomenko. 



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