transport helicopter
transport helicopter

transport helicopter

The helicopter can be used not only for communication, but also for the transportation of passengers and cargo on regular and periodic lines. Helicopters may be based on different numbers of passengers: from single to 24-local and more.

The ability to transfer by helicopter of goods and people over long distances on a massive scale clearly shown on the air parade in Tushino 20 1954 city of June and July 3 1955 city

Pictured group landing helicopters on the Tushino airfield during the celebration of the Day of the Air Force in June 20 1954 years.

In those days, the newspaper "Pravda" wrote "The audience clearly convinced of what a small area needed to land these original, strong, able to lift a large cargo trucks.

As soon as the helicopter touched the ground wheels, revealed wide door, the soldiers ran out. As they roll out from one helicopter gun to hurry him for automobiles, tractors, who left on their own from other helicopters.

Working again at full power the engines of helicopters. Machinery vertically rise up and build an airfield leave. Meanwhile, on the edge of the green field at high speed, with a militant banner in front, race cars on trailers with guns. "

The transport helicopter 2

transport helicopter

And during the air show in Tushino Air Fleet Day in July 3 1955, the spectators watched the flight of helicopters having much larger capacity than helicopters.

But transport helicopters can be used not only to transport passengers and cargo over long distances. They can also be used as a "crane", for example, during unloading of the ship in such a distance from the shore, when the boom conventional crane mounted on the bank, did not reach the ship at an overload of cargo from one ship to another at sea, as well as in other cases, when using conventional lifting means is impossible or inconvenient.

If we consider that the loading capacity of the modern helicopter could reach (when used on short range) 15-20 r, then it becomes apparent that great opportunities "crane" to shoulder hundreds of meters.

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