Cleaner aircraft jobs, wages
Cleaner aircraft jobs, wages

For cleanliness in a plane the following special teams. I do not think that the flight attendant is required to clean up the plane. Certainly, the duties of a flight attendant during the flight includes control of purity: she comes to passengers, takes cups and other waste that has accumulated during the flight. But after landing, when all the passengers to leave the plane and it will drive off into the parking lot, it is taken for aircraft cleaners.

Typically, aircraft cleaners are employed by third-party companies. And this is not surprising, because the airlines are not able at all airports in the state include cleaners. Although there are in the airline employees who are responsible for the cleanliness of the aircraft, and they belong to the state.

Cleaning of aircraft carried out both outside and inside. By cleaning is meant not only the cleaning of the cockpit, the cabin, but also upgrade the water emptying dry closet and other procedures. That technique, which is used in cleaning, is nothing like home appliances. Cleaner aircraft uses special industrial funds. Many airlines completely replace the mats in the cabin on the new and the old are sent to clean after each flight.

Stewardesses do not follow the purity, as this is not their duty. But practically every solid airline has personnel or a service contract with a company whose employees clean and monitor the cleanliness of the aircraft. In the event that she does not have such a specialist, she can get a fine if suddenly the state bodies discover flaws in purity. Cabs, the quality of cleaning the cabin and other premises of the aircraft are checked simultaneously by several state bodies. At the same time, such checks, as a rule, are of a spontaneous nature - they do not pass constantly, but only periodically. Of course, we are talking about the territory of the Russian Federation (other countries have different rules).

Cleaner aircraft jobs, wages

Often on the Internet you can find a lot of ads on the cleaner aircraft. Most airlines, recruit, offer training while working and provide accommodation. The work itself implies a shift method. However, it provided free food. Living conditions in the hostel: toilet, shower, kitchen, dining room, washrooms. Moreover, employment and settlement take place on the same day.

As for salary, it can vary depending on the duty schedule (for example, 45 / 15, 30 / 15, 60 / 30) and the airline itself. 

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