Training aircraft division of Aeroflot
Training aircraft division of Aeroflot

Training aircraft division of Aeroflot



- As far as I know, several airlines have gathered to create your own Training aircraft division. What part in this initiative hosted "aeroflot”And what results did it bring?


We have created a flying school, which will produce up to 160 pilots a year. We take the "semi-finished". People are willing, with normal language skills, and bring them to the desired level. 160 pilots - is 80 crews each year. It is possible that in future we will not need so much. Therefore, our school is open to other airlines. Do you want to learn - please.


- Paid school?


Yes of course. In addition to pilots, we produce 130 more specialties that serve aircraft. These are cabin crews, technicians, engineers, etc.


- You say: "we take" semi-finished "and give them a proper education." Then the person is ready theory, but has no practice. That is, in the school, he flies in a training squad?


 Yes, he flies with the instructor. The crew is not two, but three people. With them flying instructor, which is responsible for them. For each graduate we have our own instructor. All of them are active pilots. And they bring their wards to the appropriate level, when a student can become a co-pilot or a commander on civil airlines.

General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Saveliev Vitaly Gennadievich.

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