Attacks on Dnepr airport: Helicopters, Ukrainian Armed Forces units and HIMARS MLRS missiles were destroyed
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Strikes on Dnepr airport: Fighters, Ukrainian Armed Forces units and HIMARS MLRS missiles were destroyed

Strikes on Dnepr airport: Fighters, Ukrainian Armed Forces units and HIMARS MLRS missiles were destroyed

Russian troops launched a series of attacks on the territory of the Dnepr airport, which is currently controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to Russian military correspondents, two strikes were carried out on the territory of the Khimpromsoyuz enterprise, which is located in an industrial area northwest of the runway. Impact coordinates: 48.3620447, 35.0860430

Successful Strikes

According to data received from local residents and Russian intelligence services, the Khimpromsoyuz enterprise has not been operating for more than a year and a half. However, as it turned out, warehouses are actively used by Ukrainian troops to store military equipment, fuel and weapons. According to journalists, on the territory of the enterprise there were heavy and light military equipment and probably even a supply of missiles for the HIMARS MLRS, however, if the information on this matter is confirmed, then it should be noted that we are talking about GMLRS missiles.

Satellite image of Dnepr airport

In addition, launches of air defense missiles were repeatedly recorded from the indicated area, which suggests that an air defense position area could have been deployed on the territory of the enterprise.

Attacks on Dnepr airport

After strikes by Russian troops, a powerful fire is recorded at the site, which is accompanied by black acrid smoke and periodic sounds of secondary detonation. Fire trucks and ambulances are currently actively working on the scene.

Effective shots

Based on the available indirect evidence, we can conclude that the strikes were more than effective. However, at the moment there is no more detailed information about the results of the strikes.

Strike at Dnepr airport

Previously, some sources reported information about the destruction or damage of enemy aircraft, as well as about missiles hitting a certain hotel, which was allegedly used by the Ukrainian military as a headquarters. At the moment, two MiG-29 fighters are known to have been destroyed, but there is no information about their suitability for flight.

Attack on Mig-29 fighters and S-300 air defense systems in the Dnieper

The strikes on the Dnieper airport became part of a general operation by Russian troops to liberate territories controlled by the Ukrainian military. Over the past months, Russian troops have been carrying out targeted strikes on enemy military installations and infrastructure, inflicting significant damage on them and thereby making it impossible to carry out any counter-actions or effectively defend the front line, which provides the opportunity for the successful completion of tasks within the framework of a special operation.

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