Jobs in the aviation industry
Jobs in the aviation industry

Jobs in the aviation industry, what are the job in aviation?


Work in any of the airlines is truly considered to be prestigious, highly paid and very interesting. So it is always a need for new employees. The most popular vacancies are: flight attendant, pilot (helicopter, airplane), the analyst, process engineer, chief engineer, flight attendant, and many others.



  1. Flight attendant provides security and maintenance of the passengers on board the aircraft. The main requirements are: full knowledge of the English language, both orally and in writing, the growth (the ability to reach out to the elevation in 212 cm, without shoes), no tattoos or other similar markings, communication, lack of attachment to one place (the ability to stay in other cities and countries).

  2. Helicopter pilot (in the fleet of the company can be both planes and helicopters). The main requirements for maneuvers in the Russian Federation - is citizenship, higher education, required experience on similar aircraft, the presence of logbook, the pilot's license, pass a medical board documents, discipline, diligence, and responsibility.

  3. The pilot of the aircraft. Basic requirements: compulsory years of education, access to the appropriate aircraft pilot certificate linear (acting), the certificate of the fourth level of proficiency in English, the pilot's fitness for health reasons.

  4. Second pilot. Requirements: Higher education in the specialty "flight operation", knowledge of the relevant equipment systems, the availability of skill (pilot), communication, efficiency in work.

  5. Analyst. Requires experience with invoices (foreign suppliers), excellent English language skills, responsibility, attentiveness.

  6. Aviaproizvodstva process technologies. Requirements: system thinking, ability to work with documentation, literate writing, knowledge of special programs (eg, ARIS), specialized higher education, the ability to work with the whole situation and the individual parts.

  7. Head of the Engineering Center. Requirements: higher aviation education, work experience in engineering, aircraft equipment to foreign and domestic experience of supervising activity (three years), knowledge of English (Pre-Intermediate), responsibility, diligence, hard work.

  8. The chief engineer of aircraft. Requirements: Higher technical education, knowledge of PC operating knowledge and technical documentation in the sun, knowledge of English technical language, knowledge of normative and technical documentation specialist.

  9. Specialist Ltd flights. Requirements: higher vocational education, work experience linguist-translator Flight manager, manager CPAP, the ability to work with the PC and basic office programs, fluency in English, availability of analytical thinking, pedantry, punctuality, perseverance, diligence.

  10. Logist. Requirements: Good level of English, at least two years of experience in the aviation logistician companies specialized higher education, knowledge of PC knowledge and experience of import logistics and foreign trade, responsibility, activity, teamwork, communication skills, initiative.

  11. Manager to manage the resource. Requirements: experience in aviation (civil) by one year, the confident use of the PC and the surrounding superprogram.

  12. Project administrator. Requirements: spetsobrazovanie in project management, higher technical education, presentation skills and effective working knowledge of English.

  13. Leading engineer of fleet management. Requirements: knowledge of the entire structure (mainly engines) of the corresponding types of aircraft, higher aviation education (specialty "technical operation of aircraft and engines"), a high level of English, experience in aircraft engineering, knowledge of special technical documentation, stress resistance, teamwork, analytical mindset ...

  14. Stewardess business aviation. Requirements: ability to passenger service, flight safety, provide various range of services (established by the airline), English (or other foreign) language, good looks, sociability, cleanliness, neatness, lack of scars, tattoos or other visible of these injuries, the growth of 165 up 175 see, stress.


smiling stewardess

All the above favored positions in various Russian airlines, but in addition to them, the constant need for many other employees, even with no experience in the field of aviation. In addition to the basic requirements enshrined by international rules, the employer may fill up their own list. All will depend on the nature and direction of the airline.

The demands are huge, and the salary is ridiculous ....