The Mi-28NM helicopter is not a gift!
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The Mi-28NM helicopter is not a gift!

The Mi-28NM helicopter is not a gift!

I thought that I would not have to return to the Mi-28 theme, but after the order of V.V. Putin about arming our Army with Mi-28NM helicopters rained odes from liberal media on him: pilots, rejoice! All according to the laws of the market: "the worse the product - the more beautiful the packaging!"

"Night Hunter" successfully tested in Syria

“The best attack helicopters in the world! From Mi-24 to Apache and KA-52 ”, where“ BASIC ARGUMENTS testify in favor of the new modernized helicopter MI-28 NM “Night Hunter”;

Mi is in place: the latest attack helicopter will soon enter the army

Formally, the new car is considered an upgrade of the Mi-28N. But the developers made so many changes that they got a completely new "Night Superhunter", surpassing the previous one in all respects. So, this model has more powerful engines and a control system. In addition, the helicopter provides crew safety at a very high level, which there are simply no analogues in the world. The cabin and vital components are covered with armor, capable of withstanding large-caliber bullets. A MANPAD fire warning system can detect a fired missile, analyze its trajectory and give recommendations to the pilot: to dodge or shoot heat traps. And the laser suppression station is to steer guided missiles aside.

Thanks to the depreciation system in the chassis and pilot seats, the crew can remain unharmed even if the car crashes from a few tens of meters. And at high altitude in an emergency - leave the cockpit and land with a parachute. There is a system for shooting side doors for this. ”

“But have the developers made so many changes?”

But the TV host “Zvezda” in a report on the serial production of the Mi-28NM said that engine power was limited to 2200hp, which means that the Mi-28NM inherited the same from the “slaughter” Mi-28N (according to V. Bondarev) unreliable gearboxes. And the engine is the same: VK-2500.

In equipment - really CHANGES!

Now it has become modern and very expensive, so expensive that at first M.O. refused to buy it and only by a strong-willed decision of the President, he accepted into service.

But "penny - price" to this expensive equipment, if the helicopter design itself is not finalized! Recall that in Syria there were two hard landings of the Mi-28N and one Mi-24P helicopters, in which 4 high-class pilots died, and when the helicopter falls without affecting it from the outside, its armor is “like a dog’s fifth leg”!                         

The Mi-35 helicopter was also shot down by a rocket that exploded near the tail rotor - the crew died, because with a failed tail rotor the helicopter becomes uncontrollable in the fall and no expensive on-board equipment can help it anymore.


The classic design has another very weak spot - the tail boom!

When flying at low altitudes (the main flights in Syria), the helicopter becomes a good target for small arms. For example, when firing a machine gun at hv. beam - the tail rotor control is interrupted, and the beam itself, with minor damage, can break off altogether, because in flight the thrust hv. the screw creates large: a) The moment on the KIND; b) The moment of twisting and + c) The moment of kink from its own weight and weight xv. screw!

Hence the natural question: what was the point in financial costs for the expensive equipment of the Mi-28NM helicopter, if the classical scheme itself excludes the necessary security due to the impossibility of protecting hv. beams even from bullets of small arms, not including the hv. screw? Well, when there was no replacement for these helicopters, and today there are magnificent coaxial helicopters,

which, when the tail feathers are destroyed, do not fall down a stone, but continue to fly at speeds up to 200k / h. and confidently land at the base airfield. Moreover, in an emergency, unlike the Mi-28NM, they don’t shoot the side doors, but the rotor blades, after which the seats are ejected with the pilots up.

Another “ARGUMENT” of Mi-28NM security:

“Thanks to the depreciation system in the chassis and pilot seats, the crew can remain unharmed even if the car crashes from a few tens of meters. And at high altitude in an emergency - leave the cockpit and land with a parachute. To do this, there is a system of shooting side doors. "

How the crew saves the amortization of the chassis is clearly visible in the photo when the new Mi-28UB falls in Korenovsk before the new year.

Now imagine a falling helicopter, which also rotates around a vertical axis, with the pilots firing off the side doors and leaving the cockpit: a rotary rotor D = 17,3m above, a tail rotor at the back !!!

The impression is that the combat pilots of the helicopters have done something very guilty before the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and as punishment for them: Mi-28NM?

Are there many Ka-52 helicopters in the Army and how many “Apaches” do Americans have?

"... The US Army has approximately 810 units of this helicopter."

Ka-52 Alligator 

"The helicopter was put into service in 2011, at the moment there are about 72 aircraft in the Russian Armed Forces.

Not much!!! In fact, the Government pretends to arm our Army with the best helicopters in the world, and in fact, fraud and pilots are forced to fly on the backward Mi-24 ... Mi-28, which the Army is "a dime a dozen":

 “At present, about a hundred Ka-52 units and more than one hundred Mi-28“ Night Hunter ”helicopters have been delivered to the troops.

Most of all, Mi-24 helicopters (620 units) and Mi-8 (570 units) remain in service. These are reliable, but old Soviet cars, which can be used for some time after a minimal modernization ”(Russian Air Force Air Force 2019: history and composition 30.04.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX (

Here is the modernization: “The General Director of Russian Helicopters Holding Andrei Boginsky said that Russia had modernized the Mi-24 attack helicopter. According to him, now its service life has been increased to 45 years, while earlier it was 30 years ”( 02.07.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX).

Moreover, there was an attempt to completely stop the production of outstanding Ka-52 helicopters in favor of the Mi-28NM, and only the rallies of workers at the plant manufacturing the Ka-52 forced the Putin-Medvedev government to stop dismissing these workers with a promise to continue the release of Alligators.

Coaxial helicopters are not only more reliable and safer than the classical scheme, but they also have a number of other very important advantages compared to the classical ones, which was explained by the pilots flying on both types.

"Helicopter for Marines" (Aviation and time, No. 5 2012, S Drozdov, A. Bondarev)

On Ka-29 “Takeoffs and landings with a tailwind of up to 20 m / s are also possible (previously, no more than 10 m / s). They were also extended to Ka-27 helicopters. Some representatives of the military leadership began to propose to adopt the Ka-29 (combat helicopter) into service with the Army Aviation as a transitional type to the Ka-50. Still, the coaxial propeller greatly confused most of the generals, and ultimately the Ka-29 did not get to Afghanistan.

The Caucasian winter added its share of dangers, especially when piloting at extremely low altitudes. Frequent mists covered the passes, and then had to fly through the gorges. Under these conditions, the coaxial propeller circuit proved to be highly efficient, which the group commander noted after the first flight: “In the mountains, you need to fly only on such helicopters.” Indeed, the absence of a tail rotor facilitates PILOTING significantly in case of dangerous gusts of crosswind, which in a cramped mountain environment posed a special threat.

It seems interesting to compare the Ka-29 with a similarly designed army helicopter Mi-24. As the pilot of the 696th regiment, O.N. Myagkov, “on the Ka-29 they bribed a review upon entering the site, the absence of a tail rotor, and smaller dimensions. ... The ergonomics of the cockpit were better than on the Mi-24: arms control - under the left hand next to the step-gas handle, target search along with the navigator (you can show with your finger), all navigation and start-stop control under the right hand - not it’s necessary to turn around, bend down. ”

The lack of power consumption for the compensation of the rotor torque of the rotor (HB) gave the Kamov machine an obvious advantage over the Mi-24 created using the classic single-rotor scheme. With close take-off masses and the same power of power plants, the “twenty-ninth” has a higher HB efficiency, which is 0,65-0,70, and for helicopters with a tail rotor, only 0,50-0,60. In a coaxial helicopter, all the engine power is used to rotate the rotors and create lift, while the reactive moments of the rotors are mutually balanced. On the Mi-24, up to 12% of the power is spent on the tail rotor drive.

Ka-29 has the ability to make a pedal (flat) U-turn in a wide range of flight speeds. He is able to maintain a constant flight altitude when performing rotation around a vertical axis. This is especially important for ensuring the safety of combat maneuvering at extremely low altitudes and over obstacles. Such a combat maneuver provides the Ka-29 with a significant advantage over the Mi-24 and allows it to take an advantageous position for attacking ground and surface targets in the shortest possible time while maintaining the high accuracy characteristics of a rigidly mounted weapon. In addition, the use of a flat U-turn significantly reduces the amount of approach to the enemy when leaving an attack. The maneuverability of the Ka-29 when performing pedal turns is maintained from sea level to a static ceiling of 3700 m, while the Mi-24 with a tail rotor on its static ceiling of 2000 m is only able to freeze without performing turns.

To perform energetic turns to any angle in the Ka-29 hover mode, much less space is required, because it is small itself, and rotation occurs around the axis of rotation of the HB. Due to the insignificant distance of the pilot’s seat from the HB axis, the Ka-29 pilot does not feel any discomfort even when the machine rotates at maximum angular speeds.

The very nature of the coaxial scheme provided the Ka-29 with a low level of vibration. This is achieved by summing the vibrations of the upper and lower screws in such a way that the maximum amplitudes of the vibrations of one with a certain shift coincide with the minima of the other. In addition, there are no low-frequency transverse vibrations on the coaxial helicopter, which leads to oscillations of the pilot’s head, which the tail rotor creates on the Mi-24. It is because of this that the Ka-29 has less error in aiming. Due to the advantages of the coaxial scheme, it was possible to place and successfully use a laser range finder with a fixed axis of sight at the "twenty-ninth". At the same time, the Mi-24 had to use an elevated, much less accurate way to measure the range to the target.

In addition, due to the aerodynamic symmetry of the coaxial scheme, the Ka-29 lacks heeling in the entire range of flight speeds, which is typical for the Mi-24. When performing maneuvering, during turns, the helicopter with the tail rotor is susceptible to slipping due to the presence of unbalanced tail rotor thrust. This parasitic effect on the coaxial helicopter is absent, which also provides increased accuracy of aiming on the Ka-29.

As N.G. recalls Ryzhkov, he even happened to “fight” against the Mi-24. "In 1987-89. at the Chaud training ground with the same test pilot from Moscow, we conducted an air battle with fixing the sight in the photo. I just flickered at the crosshair of the Mi-24, and putting my car in the “flat turn-side bend-and-turn funnel with cabling or diving” mode, I had no difficulty keeping the Mi-10 in the crosshair of the S-24 s sight for 17 seconds by laser ranging and automatic testing of the lead for firing from cannons ... The navigator could work both with anti-tank guns and with a machine gun. ”

The authors and the editors express deep gratitude for the assistance in the work on the monograph to the pilots of the 344th Central Design Bureau. Gamelko. HE. Myagkov, pilot of the 710th OKPLVP and the 555th OPVLP A. A. Sedakov and Honored Test Pilot of the USSR N.G. Ryzhkov. "

Facts from the Afghan war ..

“According to generally accepted data, during the Afghan war of 1979-1989. Soviet aviation lost 332 or 333 helicopters [1] [2]. These figures refer to the Air Force of the 40th Army and do not include losses of aviation of the border troops and the Central Asian military district, as well as Soviet-made helicopters from the aviation of the ground forces of the DRA and other national ministries and departments (which are also referred to in the foreign press as “Soviet "). [3] Considering that the aviation of the border troops lost 62 helicopters [4], the total losses of Soviet helicopters reach 400 units (Material from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

“Thus, the irrecoverable losses of the Mi-24 and Mi-8 in Afghanistan due to the combat defeat of the tail sections of the gliders make up about a third of the total number of helicopters killed. This also includes losses associated with the hitting of the tail rotor over obstacles and their subsequent destruction during combat maneuvering near obstacles at low flight altitudes. " (Comparison of An-64 and Ka-50. OVE magazine = RAF).

... "a third of the total number of dead helicopters." that of 332 is ~ 110 helicopters, or half of 222 shot down by the enemy! And in each of 2-3 pilots, it turns out that the tail rotor added half more to the shot down! Unfortunately, this tragic result is laid down in the classical scheme itself and it is a FACT!

It is strange and incomprehensible that such a striking advantage of aligners over helicopters with hv. screw does not understand the Supreme Commander V.V. Putin

Or does not want to understand? Indeed, in the Far East, being the Prime Minister, he personally admired the piloting of the Ka-50 helicopter and “This is how V. Khorev conveys the impression of a prime minister who personally congratulated the pilot immediately after the helicopter landing:

Even the face of Vladimir Putin showed that he appreciated our car. And he said briefly: “This is a technique - breathtaking!” (The "Black Shark" dives into Chechnya - VladNews 1999), but becoming the President - removes it from service in favor of the clumsy, and even unreliable Mi-28N!

And further. If in Afghanistan instead of Mi-24 they launched Ka-29 for combat work, then out of the 110 helicopters mentioned above, the pilots would be alive and many would continue to fight until the end of the war!

To the longevity of the Mi-24: “The Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Air Force Pavel Kutakhov, reasoning that no modernization of the Mi-24 will help, has initiated the creation of a new generation combat helicopter. On December 16, 1976, a closed joint resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Council of Ministers No. 1043-361 appeared on the development of a promising combat helicopter ”(Requiem for Mi-28N: why Russian combat ... falls), which also applies to the next modernization Mi-24: Mi-28NM.

And, by the way, the news: “MOSCOW, February 3 - RIA Novosti. The Russian Ministry of Defense until 2027 expects to receive 423 modern helicopters, including 96 Mi-28NM attack ones, said Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko. Earlier, Krivoruchko reported that the military department ordered 98 Mi-28NM helicopters, two helicopters of the installation batch have already been transferred to the Ministry of Defense. It is reported by Rambler.

In Russia, the "super-perfect" Mi-28NM is being supplied to replace the Mi-28N.

In the USA, Apache did not improve to ApacheNM, but they are preparing a high-speed coaxial S-97 Ryder, which has been undergoing flight tests in the air for a long time.

One more: transport-assault coaxial high-speed SB> 1.      

“The high-speed helicopter SB> 1 was tested with the landing gear retracted and accelerated to 130 knots. 4 february 2020

The mass of the high-speed helicopter is 13,6 tons. It can reach speeds of up to 250 knots and carry 12 landing troops. The machine is built in accordance with a coaxial scheme with a tail propeller. ”

The scheme of both helicopters was copied from our Ka-92, the work on which has been frozen by philologists, sociologists, financiers and similar leaders of our Aviation!

Vitaly Belyaev, especially for

"they are preparing a high-speed coaxial S - 97 Ryder" it seems to exist, but it does not seem to exist (similar to our Mi-24K), I'm afraid the same fate awaits it as the X2, the UWB Air Force, he did not give up as a scout, drones use as a transport, if only to carry generals outside the combat zone, as a combat one, he is a complete zero.

Dmitry, how do you know that he is S - 97 Ryder "US Air Force he did not give up" or did "give up!"

30.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX WarSpot
FARA: Invictus will fight with Raider X
The American program for creating promising FVL helicopters is confidently moving forward. Yesterday, March 26, the press services of Bell and Sikorsky announced their entry into the final of the FARA tender for the construction of a reconnaissance helicopter.
Bell put forward its model 360 Invictus, while Sikorsky - Raider X. Both helicopter models won largely due to the fact that they were created on the basis of existing prototypes. Bell 360 Invictus was developed on the basis of the commercial helicopter Bell 525 Relentless, Sikorsky Raider X - on the basis of the prototype -97 Raider, which, in turn, is a continuation of the X2 technology demonstrator.

I don’t agree about Apaches, they already have the fifth upgrade flies

Modernization of aircraft in operation, engaged in all design bureaus for their improvement and refinement. Only a cult of the general design bureaus of the MVZ makes this cult only, having reached the point that the future high-speed helicopter is promised to be built on the basis of the ancient Mi-24LL. This is an excuse for fools, and for the present - future tricks to our combat pilots. The Americans make the future Sikorsky S-97 Raider combat helicopter based on the coaxial X2 demonstrator, but not on the Apache base!

By the way, our helicopter achievements were donated to the USA by Putin.

Ivanushka, your professional (military) holiday on May 28?!? If yes, then you are ours .....

And Putin personally informed you about this.

At the same time, he was on his knees and begging to take the helicopter developments exclusively free of charge, and they say he even licked the shoes of the American ambassador, purely out of respect to make them shine better, they also said he asked to take the developments through space and the Navy, but the Americans took only the helicopter, the rest said leave it to yourself.

Yes, you are right, in terms of living standards in the country, in everything that happens ... and the fool
That everything is not as Ivan wrote :)

M.N. Tishchenko: “I have devoted my whole life to strengthening the country's defense. And I was presented with such a gift for the anniversary: ​​the US Congress allowed the American army to buy our combat helicopters. And our state will gladly sell to a potential, however, long-time real enemy, what should constitute the combat power of our army. This has not happened in any country in the history of mankind. ”
This sale is the transfer!

Although I am with the SU-25, but the article is written EXCELLENT! Need twin-rotor helicopters with coaxial screws!

What are you, what are you! You be quiet with such an analysis, and you’ll patriotize our great people, people have nothing left but patriotism, and you want to take the last one.

Patriotism and idiocy are almost the same words.

Vladimir, how self-critical you are.

That sounds familiar. In the 90s, patriotism was equated with chauvinism. You haven't stayed since then, sir. You, that not everyone was taken to your blue-light foreign country? You just don't have to confuse one with the other. The fact that coaxial helicopters are more adapted to reality is a fact. Now you need to figure out why and who is slowing down "our"! development? I remember a cartoon about the introduction of rifled weapons, or the construction of the first railroad. Everything is straightforward, as about today's problems. Everything is going to ensure that ours again lag behind in their own "garden", where they are still ahead in all positions.

This is patriotism, to catch up without seeing the advantages, if the "potential" has no analogue. That's right - everything is like on the border of the 19th and 20th centuries.


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