Air Force (1943).
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Air Force (1943).

Air Force (1943).


  • Country: USA.
  • Directed by Howard Hawks.
  • Starring: John Ridgley, Gig Young, Harry Carey




The plot of the film takes us to a distant 1941 year, two years earlier than the movie was filmed. In the scenes of the film tells the story of the legendary plane B-17, received the name "Flying Fortress", and among the crew, he affectionately called "Mary Ann."



December 6 1941, the aircraft went with 9 other aircraft engines for dislocation to Hawaii. When approaching the final goal of his arrival, the crew discovers that Pearl Harbor proved to be attacked, and now the United States is in the process of the war with Japan.



The crew managed to land his hard-bomber, but before he could even recover, they get a new combat mission - they will go to the Philippines, where at the moment they need urgent presence. Although very tired and almost complete lack of energy, the crew goes to a new path, where they can expect the unknown, especially since the flight itself can be dangerous and fatal.



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