Warmate. Specifications. A photo.
Warmate. Specifications. A photo.

Warmate. Specifications. A photo.


Warmate - Ukrainian military unmanned aerial vehicle developed by "Cezara" and the Polish company «WB Electronics» in 2014 year.

Ukrainian unmanned aerial Warmate model facility was designed by the Polish aircraft manufacturers, however, the production of these aircraft carried both Polish and Ukrainian side, in this case, it is important to take into account that the devices have produced a number of differences.

Drone Warmate model is positioned as an air impact tool, in particular a device that has its own combat unit, which is able to destroy both enemy manpower (using high-explosive charge), as well as armored vehicles (using shaped charges).

Unmanned aerial vehicles of this model was first presented to the public in the year 2014 and 2015 years since, the aircraft began to be mass-produced, and, thanks to the prospect of devices, it is in production to this day.

Ukrainian military unmanned aerial Warmate model device has enough compact dimensions, in particular, the maximum takeoff weight of this device is only 4 kilos, which in turn greatly simplifies the operation process of the drone and does not cause any problems with its transportation.

Power section impactor UAV Warmate represented by one electric motor, which is able to attach the device to the maximum speed of the 150 km \ h., However, the maximum distance drone filter 10 limited range in kilometers.


Specifications Warmate.


  • Length: Unknown;
  • Wingspan: Unknown;
  • Height: Unknown;
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 4 kg .;
  • Cruising flight speed: 100 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight speed: 150 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight distance: 10 km .;
  • Maximum flight height: 2100 m .;
  • aircraft engine type: Electric;
  • Powerplant: unknown;
  • Power: unknown.



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