Yakovlev Yak-48


The Yak-48 aircraft is designed to carry thirty to fifty passengers over a distance of 4,7 thousand to 2,5 thousand kilometers, respectively. Administrative modifications of the aircraft can carry from four to twelve people with a flight range of 6,8 thousand - 6,6 thousand km. Draft aircraft from 1995g.

Yak-48 have bots equipment, a single airframe, power plant and are characterized by the length of the fuselage of the passenger compartment and the composition of passenger equipment.


Cabin comfort for passengers of regional versions superior level of comfort similar aircraft that also should be noted.

Market research aircraft made by foreign companies, and Yakovlev, show the need for this type of aircraft in all world airlines.

Equipment Yak-48

The base powerplant has two engine AI-22-2, 3800 have thrust kg. In addition, an option provided by the use of other foreign and domestic engines. At present the Russian aircraft avionics.

Purpose of the complex avionics for flight:

  •  in difficult and simple weather conditions;

  • with a crew of two pilots in the areas of airports and airways;

  • ensuring the landing minimum of ICAO category II;

  • with the implementation of vertical separation;

  • in all kinds of radio navigation space;

  • at any time of day or night;

  • with the implementation of ICAO requirements in accordance with aviation rules FAR-25 and AP-25.


The competitiveness of the Yak-48


In order to ensure a successful and flexible to market Yak-48 designed with a rational combination of optimal performance of aircraft and passenger comfort. They feature a range of flight, number of passengers and the conditions-based.

The family of unified Yak-48 allows you to:

  • exploit and transform aircraft modifications as separate purposes (exploration, aerial photography, patrol, ambulance, training, etc.);

  • rational way to form the park administration and the regional aircraft to meet modern standards of aviation companies flying range, passenger capacity and the deployment of, as well as the composition of electronic equipment;

  • provide extensive functionality and flexibility of the aircraft taking into account the priority requirements of different airlines.


Design decisions taken during the development of the Yak-48, using advanced methods and forms of tinning, automatic diagnostic systems make efficient use of the methods of machine operation and repair as that allows you to:

  • significantly reduce operating costs;

  • recourse to a flexible system of repair and maintenance, to adapt to European structures service;

  • to reach the level of service the best foreign analogues.


The high level of operation and design of the aircraft provide its share in 60 thousand. Flight hours with intensity of use of about ten hours per day.


Yak-48 characteristics:

      Administrative option (passenger 4)
RD-35M engines
Maximum take-off weight 15850 kg
Cruising altitude 12000 m
Cruising speed 870 km / h
Flight range 5000 km
Required runway length 2200 m
         Regional passenger option (19 passengers)
RD-35M engines
Maximum take-off weight 15850 kg
Payload 1725 kg
Cruising altitude 11000 m
Cruising speed 870 km / h
Flight range 3310 km
Required runway length 2200 m



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