Yakovlev Yak-58


Yakovlev Design Bureau has recently developed a rather successful one aircraft with the designation Yak-58. This machine is made in the two-beam scheme, and is equipped with a tail in U-shape. Near the rear of the machine is installed pusher propeller. This product is different from all its predecessors feature of the design and the rational use of space and materials.

Brief history of the Yak-58

The original study and the assembly was held back in 1992 in the territory of Tbilisi aviation plant. Since the development were at the time of the restructuring, the project was shelved due to lack of funding. Further development of the project resumed a number of companies, both Russian and foreign.


As a result of the joint work was approved by the new program, which included the construction of an aircraft, it is designated as NIKOR. The plans of this program was further certification of the car and its promotion in the world markets. Completion scheduled for certification in 2005, after which he will get his place in the MAC register. The leaders of the program was planned to equip the Yak-58 turbocharged diesel engine.

Design features of the machine Yak-58

The hull of the Yak-58 is made of lightweight but durable aluminum alloys, which allowed to reduce the overall weight of the structure, to make the device with an all-metal fuselage. The machine has a semi-monocoque fuselage and a working skins. The wing consists of two split spars. Each wing has one fuel tank with capacity of 250 liters. In the manufacture of the wing, composite materials were used, namely the endings are made of high-quality fiberglass. The device is controlled by a no-booster system. When using the Yak-58 as a training aircraft, it is possible to install a control system for the co-pilot.

The cockpit is equipped with an adjustable seat, the passenger behind him placed a sofa. The cabin has a ventilation system that works by sampling the air behind the car. On both sides of the case are set doors for boarding or for loading of various cargoes. All this is housed in a pretty small package. These figures were obtained by careful work of designers who had the task to create a compact, but comfortable device with low energy costs.


Powerplant Yak-58 presented aircraft engine model M-14PT, which was designed and manufactured in the city of Voronezh-based OKB Motors. The engine aircraft has a capacity of 360 horsepower. The motor rotates a three-bladed propeller, which changes the pitch during the flight. This screw is made to order in a German company. The advantage of the design is that the power plant located in the tail section, which made it possible to obtain considerably more space in the cockpit and improved visibility pilots.


Despite its light weight 1270 kilograms, the plane has enough good flight performance. Maximum weight at take-off reaches the index 2125 kilos, while cruising speed is 260 km / h. With regard to the maximum speed it reaches the indicator 300 km / h. A maximum altitude at which the machine can climb is 4 kilometers. For separation from the runway the aircraft is sufficient distance 600 meters.

The main purpose of the Yak-58

  • Transportation of small cargo or business documents.

  • Use as a training vehicle for novice pilots.

  • Perform sorties to patrol and monitor forests, communication lines and oil pipelines.

  • Reconnaissance work to identify stocks usually coastal sea.

  • Geological and environmental studies of the environment.

  • In remote areas, it can be used as a messenger or mail plane.

  • Transportation of six passengers at a distance of one thousand kilometers.

The well-thought-out design of the cabin allows you to quickly re-equip the aircraft for the transport of goods, passengers or even use it as an ambulance. A qualitative system of a three-bearing landing gear and a sufficiently small take-off at take-off make it possible to operate the vehicle on poorly prepared runways. During the flight, the landing gear is retracted into the middle of the aircraft's hull. On the wheels of the chassis are installed brake systems, which work due to pneumatics. This in turn significantly increases the scope of this machine. In addition, the aircraft is very simple and unpretentious in operation and maintenance.

Yak-58 cabin

On the basis of the standard model aircraft Yak-58 was created a few modifications. The first of these was the so-called air taxis, which could carry five passengers. The following modification is designed to carry cargo weighing up to 600 kilos. It was developed and a medical device for emergency transportation of the patient and one attendant physician. Designers have made the project car with increased comfort, it could carry passengers 4. Yak-58 also been converted for agricultural purposes.

Yak-58 characteristics:

Modification   Yak-58
Wingspan, m   12.70
Aircraft Length m   8.55
Height, m   3.16
Wing area, m2   20.00
Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   1360
  maximum take-off   2125
engine's type   1 PD M-14PT
Power, hp   X 1 360
Maximum speed km / h   280
Cruising speed, km / h   250
Range, km   1000
Practical ceiling, m   4000
Crew   1
Payload:   6 passengers or up to 600 kg of cargo


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