"Aeroflot" will sell a subsidiary airline not earlier than 2020 year

The Aeroflot group of companies intends to sell its subsidiary not earlier than 2020.

Information about this was voiced by Aeroflot representatives, and, according to experts, everything will depend mainly on the activities of the affiliated airlines (we are talking about the carriers Aurora, Pobeda and Russia), however, in any case , It will not happen before 2020 year.

According to the subjective opinion of independent experts, it is most likely that Russia will be offered for sale, as previously reported, but it is obvious that the management of GC Aeroflot is considering other options, but most importantly, it is about the company itself Interest in buying one or another carrier, and therefore, do not make any premature conclusions.

Will sell Russia ... And why should a prosperous, developing Orenair collapse, pour into Russia. So many people in Orenburg and Samara left work without work, they broke off ...