Airport "Dnepropetrovsk" is open for flights


Airport "Dnepropetrovsk" is open for flights

Airport "Dnepropetrovsk" is open for flights, continues to work in a regular mode and provides all necessary security measures for servicing flights of civil aircraft.

After the tragic collapse of the Malaysian Boeing-777 in the Donetsk region, a number of foreign airlines suspended flights to Ukraine. Aviation communication from Dnepropetrovsk via international routes to Europe, Turkey and Russia is provided by Ukrainian airlines.

On cancellations of regular flights at the Dnepropetrovsk airport on the day of departure, you can get information on the official website of the Airport or by calling the airport information desk at the telephone numbers listed on the website.

For more detailed information about the reasons for the cancellation of the flight, for how long the flights are suspended and the procedure for returning (re-issuing) air tickets, we recommend contacting the representative office of the airline for which the air ticket was issued, or to the Agent who made the sale. You can also find phone numbers of airline offices on the website of the airport in the “CONTACTS” section.

We hope that the cancellation of flights is a temporary measure, and in the near future flights of all air carriers will be carried out in accordance with the seasonal schedule - According to airport authorities.