Airline Alrosa


"Alrosa" will not buy Russian aircraft SSJ-100

Airline "Alrosa" chose to abandon the purchase of Russian aircraft SSJ-100.

According to experts, the aircraft did not meet the needs of the Russian air carrier, which is still preferred to use passenger airliners Boeing 737. Official comments on the subject from the airlines "Alrosa" has not yet been reported, however, it is important to clarify that the carrier's management was studying the possibility of acquiring long enough it SSJ-100 model.

It should be clarified that according to the conducted negotiations, "Alrosa" airline has decided to purchase two of the liner Boeing 737, the first of which is expected to pass to the carrier as early as November this year, and the second - at the beginning of next year.

Let them buy, but new is not CU. A "customs clearance" in the domestic aviation industry fund.

Two "Boeing" has tested the external management ... but we're smarter, we Western "partners" will not be checked!

Wow how "patriots" gentlemen of "ALROSA", if not to buy domestic cars and planes, where there will be money for the development of new, more sophisticated machines, yet not breed such "patriots" Russia is not lifted from his knees.

Poor stimulated probably purchase!

Boeing * 737 flying long distances. peace-Yakutsk, polar, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Tomsk, etc. I walked over to another type of aircraft. not always correspond to the download time of the year, chase Boeing empty expensive. flying abroad can be on a different type of samoleta.pereuchit crews, too, need time and dengi.i still ssj-100 good car. it is necessary to fly at all tipah.a pilots in ALROSA ,, ,, there. children literate.

They do not want to buy Russian planes - to cut their domestic flights or raise fees for airport services.

Well done! And we rub about import substitution ...